Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Do You Post TIRED?

Hutch I inherited from my mom
empty now

A full day of packing boxes, emptying draws, going through more papers, journals, photos etc.
What to save?
What to toss?
Kept the journal I wrote in China. (1982)
Kept a suitcase name tag for the Song Of Norway from a cruise I took with another man in the early 1970's.
Tossed some ceramic art work my kids made me when they were little. Saved long enough.
Saved letters they wrote me.
Tossed old financial papers no longer relevant.
Took House Deed to the safety deposit box at bank. Why was THAT in the desk?
Emptied three drawers and a desk in the living room into one box.
Cleared my computer desk in kitchen (almost done).
Do you really care or want to know this?
Color me tired.
I wonder if I will ever get to do art again?
Visited the flooring store. Priced and picked a laminate that looks like hardwood flooring...darker than light but not too dark. But enough dark not to show dirt easily. Lower end of price range.
20 yr warranty. Will I live here 20 more years? Will I LIVE 20 more years? Who knows. It will last my lifetime.


  1. it's all good's all good. You'll get there - this is a catharsis of cleaning out for you and in the end you place will be even more homey and lovely and you will be inspired and do awesome artwork!!

  2. I understand why your tired!!! this is almost like moving but without the headache of an entire move. I agree w/Mim. When done you will have such a clear and wonderful space that you will set to the artwork with gusto!

  3. jeez, I'm so behind in commenting!

    I love the new look here. I guess you're cleaning house in both places.

    Lynn, are you redoing the entire house? I must have missed a post or two along the way. I'll try to get caught up!

    I still haven't unpacked all the boxes from our move and that's been nearly a year already. Wow.

    I can't wait to see the 'after' photos!

    Your watercolor makes a wonderful header!

  4. seems to me you are overdoing it, pace yourself (if possible)

  5. Lots of emoptions tied up with our 'stuff', so make sure you take a walk in between all this sorting...take time to breathe. It won't be long before you're enjoying your new space.

  6. Oh dear. I thought I commented. Guess I was in a hurry and thought it. To bad my thoughts dont just hop into the keyboard.. lol You both are going to be so happy once its all done. Its going to be gorgeous and it is amazing what that does to you when putting things back.. bet you will be a bit fussy what you do put back.:))
    YES..It IS doable. It starts with that first step and snowballs. You've done the first step Getting your DH to commit. lol and the next step tossing. I find it so hard to toss something sentimental. I have to be in the right frame of mind. Kudos to you for getting that done.

  7. Laminate flooring is a good choice. One of the most attractive attributes of laminate flooring is the price. Although this type of flooring looks just like hardwood flooring, it is much cheaper. Good pick!

  8. You are going to make it Lynn. Hang in there. You will feel like a new person when you get rid of the unnecessary baggage. You will feel like you have a new home when all is sparkling and new.

  9. Lynn, I know this feeling. I have been cleaning out my house, too. What to keep, what to throw away? How do you downsize and disassemble your whole entire life?
    I made to the end and the whole place looks so much better for it. Good luck and hang in there.

  10. Ah, this was interesting to me. You tossed something I would have kept and kept some things I would have tossed. I hope you don't hurt your back with all that packing.


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