Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Happy Uncles Day, Happy Aunties Day!

Happy Father's Day: My dad on the left, Grandma Ella, and then a very young Uncle Harry!
Mimi and Harry received us at their assisted living center/home. I was so pleased to find them both looking and feeling well. Mimi's steps were much shorter & slower than last visit; Uncle Harry used his super duper new walker and his mood was way up! He said he had very little pain and he felt good! They were of course so happy to see us, as we were them! We were five cousins of my generation (with four spouses); two cousins of the next generation (with spouses) and three little kids (great grandchildren). And one friend who is practically family.
The guys kibbitzed in the kitchen...
Say hi to Cousin Judy (far left), aunt Mimi, cousin Barb (from Colorado, daughter to M & H) and Uncle Harry and me.
My two cousins, Judy and Barb. I'm the eldest.
Judy and I both wore purple and white.
Three little munchkins under and at the piano!
Shoes became a topic of conversation!
Cousin Mel wore her designer sandals.
I will not tell how much she paid for them.
(Just think 4 new faucets)
I showed off my new giftee purple sandals
and found one guy cousin who had similar shoes on!
After eating good food, visiting and catching up with family,
we kissed everyone goodbye and went home.
At home my brother stayed and he and I dueled each other
to a game of Spite and Malice!
It's great fun! Raucous laughter, good ribbing...
and I WON!!!!
;-) See my purple sandals behind big bro.
A good time had by all.
(except at the very end I guess by my dear brother!)
I hope your day was a fun.


  1. Look at those smiling faces. They do look very happy to see you. Is that their apartment they are in? Looks like a nice place. How fun to get together. Poor Bro.. I hope you didnt whip him to badly playing cards. :))

  2. You know I always love to hear about your uncle and aunt, like they are a bit my family!
    Love your purple sandals!

    Greetings from Bangkok!

  3. looks like a warm and loving day for all. Hey, you got to beat your bro out at something right. LOL.

  4. I am glad you had a great day. We had fun too. We celebrated with the Father's of our closest family.

  5. lovely that you can all get together like that


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