Sunday, June 20, 2010

Faucets, Grands and Purple Shoes!!!

If anyone had ever told me that I would spend what I spent today buying five new faucets for our home I'd have told them they were crazy! But I did. I told my daughter tonight that I was quickly spending her inheritance. She smiled and said: "Good, do it. You deserve it!" I do know we will enjoy them all once installed, along with all the other things we are doing to renew an old abode. After a morning shopping in two hardware stores with DH and Mike, who is incredibly helpful with his good advice we went to respond to the call to babysit AGAIN giving us two weeks in a row with our young grand kids.
My grandson, age five, gave me my first chess game lesson tonight. He knows all the moves. I had never played chess before. What fun. He won of course!
My grand daughter is drawing on a drawing pad I brought that had been my mother's and actually has some of my mom's drawings still in it. She was tracing one of them. Love that feel of generation to generation making contact through art! My grand daughter was given my mom's middle name for her middle name. Sweet.
My grandson and DH jammed as they usually do...two wonderful musicians. I love when they ask him to sing.
And last but certainly not least I am wearing my NEW PURPLE SHOES that arrived in today's (Saturday) mail. I could not wait until Grateful Thursday to share them. THANK YOU SUKI, WHO GAVE THEM AWAY IN HER BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! They fit fine! And I do remember saying that "When I am an Old Woman I will wear purple"...Well, I guess that time has actually come. ;-) I wear them proudly.


  1. what a fantastic sight seeing you and the grands together, and look how musical they are! wow! the purple sjoes are the BEST! and i love love the header

  2. Great day out. Now you see why it is so expensive to build a house now. Everything is so expensive. you will enjoy new faucets and everything else you do. What fun with the Grands. Lucky you being able to be with them.

  3. I remember buying faucets and nearly passing out at the price.
    The Grands are looking wonderful...and those shoes are just awesome.

  4. What a fine, fine day you guys had. I remember as a child saying that I would never be as old as my Aunt Mildred (she dyed her hair red)!!!!!Guess who's that old?

  5. So nice to have people help you choose the faucets. So many choices are daunting.

    Love seeing your grandkids, how lovely about the sketchbook. That gives me chills! And your grandson plays chess. Wow. Am impressed. My Dad was a chess devotee.

    the shoes got there in record time. Glad they work for you. Best, Suki

  6. What a day. from plumbing to Grandkids with some purple thrown in.. lol Those shoes were meant for you. To bad Suki couldnt wear them but they are perfect for you. Now all you need is a RED HAT.. lol
    You TWO sure were having lots of fun with the Twins. It so great how you introduce them to the Arts from both of you. Enjoy your Sunday with you Uncle.

  7. It looks like a Father's Day celebration with the two musicians.

    Love those shoes!! I dare you to wear them to work. lol

  8. Soul, thanks...yes, time with grands is always GRAND!!!
    The shoes look and feel great!
    Glad you like the new header!!!

    Lisa, Yes, the cost of these things is a bit of a shock since I rarely buy anything new these days. But I can afford it right now so I will indulge myself while I can! Yes, two week ends in a row with the grands was GRAND!

    Mim, and I didn't even choose the very expensive ones, but they sure add up!!!

    Marty, I know, I know...age is happening no matter what, all we can do is dig in and peddle fast to sock in as much fun as we possibly can!

    Suki, (sweet about your chills/me too) and just want you to know I am dressed the nines today in purple shirt/white pants and PURPLE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel devine!

    Cris, thanks, I will!

    Teri, I will have no problem wearing these shoes to work. I dress very causally there, as I do everywhere, and I will simply be joining my clients in matched attire! ;-)

  9. Fab post, the chess game made me smile

  10. Nice new and expensive faucets you will smile about every time you use them.

    Love the music across the generations.

    So happy Suki's shoes went to a good home :-)

  11. Hi Lynn
    What a fabulous end of the day you had with your grandchildren.
    I can't imagine the 5 year old can play chess..good for him!
    Its so special to have those moments and to help out too!
    THAT was a lot of faucets. Wow.
    It was so nice to share your evening..
    Judi hope the weekend was great!

  12. You are catching up to me in how much grandkid time you are getting!

    Love your new shoes!!!! THey are pretty awesome!

    I am amazed your 5 yo grandson knows all the moves in chess. My GS would not sit still for way.....

  13. Lynn, you have a really beautiful family, and I enjoyed 'meeting' them! Wow, I flinched at the price stickers on those faucets, why is everything so darn expensive now? Haa, I LOVE those purple shoes, they are the cat's meow lol!!


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