Saturday, June 19, 2010

House Renovation Steps Noted in Journal; One Last Plea for Votes!

Okay, one final plea for votes for my swan quilt on the Bernina quilt contest: If you go here to my other art quilts blog you will find the steps needed to take in order to vote.
I am now in 6th place. But could possibly move up to 5th or 4th. I have no dreams of being #1, but would appreciate being a little higher up to the top than I am right now.
So again, let me thank everyone who has already voted for my quilt.
And thank YOU if you go and vote now!
Busy weekend for us here.
Today we will shop for bathroom fixtures (faucets, sinks, counter tops, toilets, shower door); look at flooring; buy and/or order a screen door; kitchen faucets too. Time to give 22 year old house a facelift. I'm calling this our Extreme Makeover!
Mike has agreed to do the work in bathrooms and kitchen and doors. He will also help us shop for best buys.
We will hire out to a crew for professional floor laying of laminate and tile when he is done; and for painters too. He assured us that our upstairs and family rooms do not need paint. So we only need to have the living room, hallway to downstairs bath and kitchen painted, and the front door.
The crews can do the job in a couple of days that would take one man much longer. I am glad he gave us this advice.
I have been wanting this dream to happen for a very very very long time! Nobody pinch me and wake me it seems that it is actually really going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the meantime, we keep packing boxes; next we will attack the garage and purge more belonging collected over our 31 years together.
I did not take a picture of Mike. Just imagine him as sweet and helpful!
Oh, and hey, we get to babysit again tonight! Life is bliss!!!


  1. You will feel like you have a new home after all of this is completed. You will also feel like you have more room after you go through stuff while boxing it up. It is such a good feeling. Have a great weekend. I know you will because you will be with your Grands.

  2. Believe it.. it is happening....I know how long you have wanted this so enjoy the process. I like how you used your book you painted. I would use it to keep a record of all you do. Enjoy the weekend. sounds like a fun & busy one to me.

  3. PS. I would use that book to keep record of all you do on the house fixing it up.. no all you do.. it wouldnt hold it all.. LOL

  4. Enjoy the transformation - I hope everything goes smoothly. I'm sure it will, you have had some good advice there Lynn re painters etc.

  5. How wonderful you will feel like you have a brand new house. Have a great WE. Oh, so funny about your client and the same shoes.

  6. Put my vote in for you my dear! and I'm so happy that you have so much good going on in your life right now! How lovely!!

  7. You are going all out! We just did floors and repainted two rooms and that felt like I needed to rest for two months! lol Hope you get it how you want it, it's fun to re-do and feel like you are in a new home!

  8. This is exciting! I know how I felt after the water damage a couple of years ago and getting new flooring (Congoleum Duraplank) new bathroom floors (Congoleum Duraceramic) and new carpet...I am so glad I splurged and had the undamaged rooms done at the same time...I smile when I see them instead of frowning at the old stuff...

  9. Wow! At last your dreams became real. Instead of carpeting, consider carpet Tiles. They are easy to install and inexpensive. They come in a great variety of styles so you can design your own flooring.


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