Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Watercolor in my "Walking In Front of Me" Series

This photo on the left was taken many months ago now when the kids were here for a sleep over. We were walking to the park and they were walking together in front of me. I loved this shot of them NOT holding hands but with arms linked lightly like this. So sweet. They both consider the other their "best friend". I think being a twin is very special. I used the photo to draw the kids on the pad on the right, first in pencil then in black fine lined ink pen. Yesterday morning I sat on the outside patio and painted it. I loved doing my grand daughter's hair, which was pulled up into a combo bun/ponytail and was in a state of cute disarray.
I hope I captured the love between the two of them and mine somewhere in there too. ;-)
I came home last evening and matted and framed it.
DH is getting worried as I now have three new paintings hung on the wall over the fireplace.
He said "You need a studio". I think that means he does not want to live with wall to ceiling Lynn originals! LOL
Today MIKE is coming to talk about doing the renovations in our home. I am so excited I could spit! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to go pack another box!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
What are your plans for the weekend? &&&&&&&&
Do share your reactions to my new blog design!


  1. WOW!!Love this watercolour. Very free, and evocative. I like the backs of people too.Gives a different "take" on the human form.

  2. You need the picture of your Grands up, it is darling. You captured them wonderfully. Your Granddaughters hair is just perfect. I like the new look of your blog.

  3. I am REALLY LOVING seeing your watercolor paintings!!! You are just amazing! I suppose I never knew how amazing you were in this department...gosh darn!!!

    This painting is so just plain wonderful and ultra special. I can feel the love (from all three parties)!!!

    I would love to see what you could do with Plein Air painting!!!

    Tell your DH, that, YES, I agree, you DO NEED a studio...not to hang all your stuff in, but to have a space just for your wonderful creating!!! Be sure to tell him that , OK??? Sometimes, if you say it, it will happen!!! :)

  4. Yes, you do need a studio. For sure. A special space in which to do all this wonderful art.

    have fun w/the home renovation.

    Your watercolors of the back of people walking: great idea and love this one. so sweet.

    I am not partial to brown myself. this design seems to formal and staid somehow for your exhuberant posts.

  5. Oh this is adorable. I love the backs of people too. they do say alot about people and look at that love shared between the two. You captured that beautifully. I think if you had your own studio your DH would never see you.. LOL
    And I am afraid I agree with Suki. I dont like this color for you. It tones down your wonderful whimsey work. Its depressing. Its not inviting to me..Sorry..

  6. Ah yes.. this color green is MUCH better. more keeping with your whimsey style. I like it.

  7. I have been SO absent for what seems like DAYS. I really love this new series. Your art is so realistic. It really IS what you see, and it's what I see in the photos, too.

    Art from the back is yet another perspective, and I sure love that you thought to do it, then share. I'm so glad you have done these, even though your husband may have wall to ceiling Lynn's everywhere before that new studio gets built.

    I like the new design on your blog. At first, I wondered if I was at the right spot when I got here a few minutes ago. It's very pretty and calming, too. I like that you kept the green, too.

    Hey, THANK you for asking about my comments. I meant to write WORD verification, not comment verification. Boy, one little word and the whole concept takes on a new meaning.

  8. First time I've heard that one (I'm so excited I could spit). Yet another professional-looking drawing/watercolour painting.

  9. I really love this series and the new look to your blog!

  10. You have a really sensitive touch with water colors Lynn, I love em! Every artist should have a studio and while we're at it, make it a lovely big one! :)

    I see you're having fun changing your blog background around - i do like the green...

  11. Thanks to each and everyone of you who has come to comment here today. I so appreciate hearing your feedback, kudos and advice.
    I changed the background on the blog from brown to green and blue. I liked the grass and dandilions at the top. I am so encouraged by all of your reactions to my recent plunge into drawing and water colors. Hugs to you all.

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  13. lynn, i have been just amazed at how good you are at watercolor so quickly and can hardly believe you have just begun! and you are good at drawing too...wonderful isn't it...i love wc, it's like magic right in front of you.

    love the new design, btw :)

  14. Holy cow Lynn - these paintings are great! I so want to paint well and looking at your paintings is so inspirational. And YES - every girl should have a studio - even if it's just you're own little corner of a room, or large closet. A space to call your OWN!


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