Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teen Boys From the Back and Yoni's Africa Story on Grateful Thursday.

Again, on a noontime walk I snapped this shot of three teenage boys walking in front of me. Again, I could not help but notice their similarities to each other...spanking clean white tee shirts, same length shorts, sock and tennis shoes. Unlike the girls in my previous painting only one guy carried a book bag. First I drew them in pencil using the photo as my guide and then went over that with black micro pen. I chose not to use any thicker marking pen for this drawing.
Then a few days later (yesterday) I added the paint. I ad libbed a bit making the car to the left red to go with the red Jack in the Box sign on the right and the red tennis shoes.
I wonder if the girls found the boys or vice-versa? Did they all meet up at Jack's?
On Grateful Thursday
I am grateful to discover
that I have the ability to draw and paint
such as it is.
;-) Last night my friend Shari in NY, yes the same NY friend who commissioned me to
make the "Garden of Lia Eden" art quilt, emailed me sharing a link to a story
about her husband, Yoni. I will let you go to the link to learn about Yoni and his
recent trip to Africa.
I promise you when you read it you will suddenly
find an even much longer list of reasons why
you are grateful today. click here: Yoni's Story


  1. first your painting - you've got the colors and foreshortening done well.

    As for the story - unbelievable isn't it? And we complain about health care in the US - we are all so lucky! To have so many women die in childbirth because of bad hygiene and unavailable instruments is just horrible. As well as all of those other patients who suffer and wait. oy.

  2. Your drawing is great. I like your style. It will be fun to see it evolve as you paint more.

    I don't think I want to read about Yoni's trip to Africa after reading Mims commnet. It will be too sad.

  3. really great job Lynn!! I think watercolors are working for you.
    As far as making the car red, creative license also means you can eliminate anything you want from your photo reference if it interferes with the composition. That could have been a tree or a refrigerator or an empty space! Your call, Miss Arteest ;)

  4. lOVED THE GIRLS AND LOVE THIS ONE TOO. Will make a great set. I am sooooo glad you made your header this drawing with the paints. Its perfect.
    I was also taught that if you use a color in a painting its best for composition to use it in three places. So you did great!
    Lolo is right.. Its YOUR Artistic licence in how you do the painting.

  5. Wow. You're excellent at this.

  6. Wow! You did an amazing job with this painting of three boys. You continue to amaze me with how much you learn each time you get some instruction on a new medium. You're off like a rocket.

  7. That's a lively painting - has a real watercolour sketchbook feel! I did read the article - tragic that that is part of daily life there. Yes, we have so much to be grateful for.

  8. I love these sketch paintings! They look like they should be on TV on commercials - you know the kind where they don't use real people but drawn ones that move instead. You are very talented!

  9. I love the boys and your new (to me...I'm just catching up after caring for Brighton and the strays...) header. Might be my favorite yet!

    Sobering, heartfelt story of Yoni's experience. Count blessing here...yes.


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