Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1062th post
animal wednesday
been packing boxes every day before going into work
finding poetry written in 1978
boy, did I have a life then!
finding postcards and stories written by my kids when they were 9 and 13.
my son wrote about his life in the womb
my daughter wrote from Lynton, England, at age 9, amazed that
they drank a lot of tea over there...
Dh unearths a blank check from the apartment he lived in when we first met...30 yrs ago
throwing out very little
giving away a lot
wading through a lifetime of stuff
wondering if we will ever get down to the bottom of it
so the guy can start his work


  1. That's the way it is - memories are priceless aren't they

  2. Oh yes. Getting thru the memories is the hardest thing. I find I stop and read and never get past that. Maybe one needs one memory box to toss things in and move on.. only that box cant be the size of a house.. LOL LOVE THIS PHOTO.. Its a Lynn watercolor painting!!

  3. I hear you girl. I found a diary from 1973-74 the other day and didn't get another thing done that afternoon. Sigh~~

  4. Interesting to go through all the accumulations of the years and look back upon who we were then in contrast to who we are now.

  5. wow you are a hoarder, but when you emigrate like i have, you can't take everything. what a lotta fun.

  6. What fun stuff to find and re- examine!!!

  7. You can spend hours wading through all those memories, can't you?

    Love your header Lynn, you have such a talent!

  8. Thanks all...please realize we are also packing up tons of stuff (mostly books and photo albums so far)! What a process. Making us both so aware of our aging process. How long we've lived, how long, who knows, is left to live?
    How much do we want to leave for the other to deal with when we go...or our kids when we both do?

  9. Henry! Did you get a new collar?
    Always interesting finding old things - especially written items like letters.

  10. That is an amazing photograph (and I'm not just saying that cuz it has a cat in it). The colors and shards of pots and the sweet look on that cats face.

    I can see it hanging in my basement, which walks out to my garden...


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