Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flowers in Fabrics, Paint and Real Life on Bloomin' Tuesday!

Another beautiful quilt from the Winters Quilt Festival... & some real flowers from same festival! Diane knows the artist who made these wonderful roses!
And this quilt grabbed my eye. Loved the pop out flowers!
And the real trees in the background really made it shine.
Remember the Melinda Bula art quilt I made for my son and his new wife for their
wedding two years ago? I had to do a double take when I saw it at the Winters
Quilt shop. Melinda is coming this month to teach others to make this
beautiful quilt.
I had an opportunity to see this years Sunflower art show in Davis on Sunday.
This is the painting that was picked for the seed packet this year.
The artist is four years old (4)!!! 1 2 3 4!
I was able to get into the big room full of quilts but we could not find the light.
So I walked around in the dark and took photos using my flash
and they came out surprisingly well.
Here's another done by a very young child.
I hope your day is filled with beauty like these!


  1. I love love love the quilts with flowers on them. I love the 4 year olds painting they are using for the seed package too. I love the innocense of childrens art. They are unafraid and use the whole page. Some pretty flowers you took pix of too.

  2. Oh wow, those flower quilts are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And the flower photo.
    Kids art is always so free and honest.

  3. Aren't children amazing?. You have lots of inspiration here. Love the roses on the one fabrick piece. Such texture and detail in the basket/vase too.

  4. love this post so summery ....x

  5. This was a fun tour. I am always amazed and impressed by the art of children. They are so uninhibited and free and their art always reflects a wonderful abandon for rules and restrictions.
    Of course the quilts are fantastic, also1

  6. These are all so beautiful Lynn! The kids art wins the prize of course. So free and expressive!

  7. The kids art is so appealing to me!!! All the quilts are just so cool, especially the one with the pop-out red flowers! Very awesome, that one!!!

  8. Admiration...that's all I can think of to say...from young to old, so much talent!


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