Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Better Day on Bloomin' Tuesday

We woke up rested and bright and cheery this morning on Bloomin' Tuesday. A woman named Patty from Sunshine Blinds came to our house to remove 10 mini blinds from all over the house. She said they were in amazing condition for being 22 yrs old! After she left I got the Windex and paper towels out and washed ten windows!!!!! Clean blinds were coming back to a clean new space!
At noontime I took a much needed walk. There was sunshine and a breeze and temperatures in the low 80's, very very pleasant. I met up with this Frog in the window of our friend Ray's Cycle shop. And a few doors down I went into Amphlett's to pay off the work they had done on our floors! It was a pleasure working with this local homegrown company, Steve, Mike and all of their contracted workers were professional, and fun to have in our home. We thank them.
The flowers in the park were all in bloom adding to my happy walk!
This wonderful sunflower, one of three, had been so carefully taken care of,
as for several days this home owner had it protected by a sun umbrella perched on a step ladder
until the flowers bloomed!
I came home tonight from work to find all the blinds back in place,
but looking like brand new they were so shiny clean and dust free!
I will use Sunshine Blind Cleaning service again too!
And the plumber had come back and finished the job of installing the second
toilet! This time securely. And he did not charge any more money!!!!
Yes, a much calmer and better day had by all.
DH had emptied many more boxes of books and was busy hanging his clothes in our
closet upstairs! It's moving along.
I know it won't be long now at all before I am able to get back to art making!!!!
I feel it in my bones! In the meantime Henry is resting on DH's lap as they watch some TV
waiting for dinner to finish baking!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!!!


  1. What a difference a day makes with some sleep and different scenery. And everything going as planned. lol Love the photos. So glad things are getting done. It really looks good.

  2. That blind cleaning service sounds wonderful!!! Your house is going all back together now, and I can't wait to see your next peice of art created!!! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers on your beautiful walk! I'm so glad you got to enjoy a little bit of nature to help melt the stress from yesterday away. Your home is looking so wonderful, I'm so happy for you!

  4. hi lynn, i had to go back and read your previous post in order to fully appreciate the vibrant joy in this one!

    i know how exciting it is to see things getting done and built and restored in a house, especially when someone else is doing the work!

    btw, your header is stunning. i love it truly!


  5. Tuesday was most definitely a good day!

  6. BEEEE utiful flowers today. And I loved the shot of your blinds. I clean all mine myself and it is a real chore. Very time consuming.

  7. ahhh delightful post.
    Soon all will be back to normal, but this day sounds OK.
    Lovely flowers lovely weather and those blinds and all those improvements in your home!
    Understand you miss making art but this is fun too!

    HAW! (Hug for Henry!)

  8. love all the color and imagery found while on your walk! and how nice to have someone else doing a "white tornado" kind of a job for you - so you could enjoy your day :)

  9. i have always found that things never look as bad the next morning, and if they do then i know I am really in trouble. what a change, love the room with the blinds and love the frog and love you. so easy does it now friend. one tiny step at a time, rome wasn't built in a day. be kind to yourself okay?
    wordveri:slodee (slowly?)


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