Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday Date Night! A Night On The Town With Don Edwards!

My brother came down (right) to join DH (left) and me to go hear Don Edwards in Winters at the Palms Playhouse! We had a nice Mexican Dinner first a few doors down from the Palms and then went in to listen to the awesome cowboy sing his heart out. Go to the link on his name above to read about him and then go to UTUBE and hear him sing. He plays guitar like none other and his voice is a marvel. We were well entertained.
I could not be more impressed by this 71 yr old singer who stood for over two hours and sang non stop with his amazing voice and guitar talent.
DH bought three CDs and I went up to have them autographed. I was really in awe! I must admit to having just a tiny crush on this guy!
Thank you Don Edwards for a rich musical evening!


  1. That sounds like my cup of tea! I wish we could have gone!!!

  2. Looks like a really fun evening.
    You looked pretty good there. Its lots of fun getting things autographed too.

  3. Now, this looked like ALOT of fun--he is inspiring!

  4. What a fun evening. Plus getting to talk to this performer. Lucky lady.

  5. Well, I'm gonna go listen right now! Thanks!

  6. How fun! I do not know about this person, but you like him so he must be really special. I will remember the name..Hugs, Mary

  7. That sounds like so much fun. I think I could have even gotten my sweetie out on the town for a cowboy singer.

  8. What a fun night you two had! I'll have to go hear him on the link you provided. Love the shot of the brick building. I just love old-feel buildings like that.

  9. I "confess" to being familiar ONLY with the sign "Opera House".... I don't know too much about Country Music or singers...but I actually like the few things I have I might give him a listen on Youtube.

    I am so happy ya'all had a wonderful NEEDED it after the weeks you have had!!!!

    Hugs and a Kiss to Charlie!

    ♥ Robin ♥


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