Friday, July 30, 2010


I spent the morning cleaning our new already pretty pristine abode in anticipation of a visit from my very best friend since infancy, PATTY!!!! Patty could not get over the transformation we had made in our house! She must have stood here in the door way exclaiming over and over again about how beautiful it looked and how happy she was for us. And she brought me a Swiffer set for floors and dusting!!! Patty is the Queen of Clean at her house and she is hell bent on making sure I keep ours up to par now too!
We dropped by the Town Square Library after Patty had seen the upstairs and downstairs and inspected every nook and cranny again exclaiming her admiration for all we had had done!
Patty is my BEST FAN of my art and it was fun to hear her exclaim over it at the library too.
Then we went out to lunch. We were having a belated celebration of my birthday!
So after dutifully eating a half sandwich each we then had dessert!
Raspberry Swirl Almond tortes
and Gelato ice cream~~~
Needless to say, I enjoyed mine 100%. Not used to eating so much sugar
my eyes show the high beams of its effects on my brain.
I had espresso and she had mint chip.
Both par excellente!
What a happy birthday!
After lunch we went to a few stores.
At a sweet new boutique down the street I happened to admire a necklace
and before I realized what was happening Patty had scooped it up with
matching earrings and purchased it
and handed them to me saying
Happy Birthday!
And that was not enough!
She then proceeded to shop for me at Target and loaded me up
with the "right cleaning products" I would need to keep our shining home
shining in the future!!!
Thank you Patty.
You are too generous, kind and loving.
And I appreciate it all
and YOU~


  1. What a fabulous time you had. and what a special friend you have & have had almost your entire life. Not many can say that. Loved seeing your home. Love the staircase and the flooring. All looks wonderful. Loved the place you went to eat too. You deserve it all.

  2. Oh, I was hopping up and down with excitement for your visit and your shopping and being with your good friend, too!

  3. What a wonderful friend! She is like the salt of the earth! You looked like you were really enjoying your "sugar" today! I would too! You deserve it! How many art peices did you have in the library????? Very exciting, Lynn!!! Congratulations again, on yet more art showing!!!!!

  4. Julie, there are eight pieces of my art at the library! (and three at the art gallery!) thanks!

    Teri and cats, enjoy your hopping! We hopped from Sugar all evening me cleaning glass around here!

    Cris, my entire life! Patty and I lived across the street from each other since I was six months old. She is six months oldler than me.
    Glad you like the looks of the house!!! Thanks.

  5. Happy belated birthday, Lynn! The photos of you eating gelato are wonderful. You look so happy! What a precious friend you have!!!

  6. That Patty is such a dear!!!
    Missed your birthday?! When was that?
    Happy belated birthday dear!
    And yes having good friends is the best there is!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    birthday hug from me

  7. What a marvelous friend you have. I am so glad you and she could get together and celebrate your birthday and the makeover of your home.

  8. You are so blessed. I have had a few of those "clean" friends that have given me some of there wisdom and perspective. It truly is a gift that they possess and it is nice when we are able to succeed in "clean".
    Wonderful birthday party!!! With a wonderful friend! And I like the art work you have hanging in the library.

  9. Well - a belated Happy Birthday to YOU, Lynn. Your home looks so trendy, fresh and comfortable - enjoy your time spent there. And how special it is for you to have such a dear and wonderful friend. In order to have a good friend - you must first "be a good friend" - words my mother told me. So to the point - you too, must be a treasure!

  10. only a really good friend could come along and buy you cleaning products and you are grateful for that. when was your b day did i miss it or did i wish you??? are you 70? did i miss that too??

  11. Soul, no, not 70 yet, just entering my seventieth year! ;-)
    I celebrate the month of June!

    Cathie, thanks for saying our house looks "trendy"...I am trying to get into the 21st century. ;-)Actually it's an eclectic mix of new and old.

    Becky, (CA) normally I would return home from "clean" friends homes depressed. I am now TRYING to immulate them (a bit)...we shall see how it goes...

    Lisa, this life time friendship is worth it's weight in gold.

    Marianne, I honestly cannot recall if I mentioned my birthday last month or not. I was so busy with so many things and no one was around to celebrate it so it just went by...I think...I do think I posted something about the "age"!

    Diane F., Thanks. It was a special day and gelato is oh so good.

  12. Cute pics of you Lynn!!! I wish I wasn't camera shy.

    Look at the shine on those floors!! I love that she bought you the right cleaning products so you can keep the new look after all that hard work!

    I always find that starting from a clean base it's easier to keep up...but I always manage to fall behind! Oh to be able to afford some help!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful extended special day!♥

  13. P.S. Why don't you model the jewelry she bought you? I'd love to see it!

  14. Girl time is so invigorating isn't it??? Those desserts are truly the "icing on the cake" they say...Spectacular!!!!!


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