Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday MORE UNPACKING...Where is my.....?

I got frustrated trying to find some TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) after going through a slew of boxes in the garage as I wanted to spend some time creating ART today, but it wasn't meant to happen. Not in the way I wanted. Instead I focused on decor. I went back to Kohl's and their 50-65% OFF sale and got more bathmats and towels. I decided on this sea green for the middle upstairs bath as it went with the shower curtain there and I even had a matching towel. I was happy to see that it went well on the dark brown tile.
The Swiffer is a marvel for picking dust off the new floors. I love it. And I got this little shower caddie for our shampoo/conditioners and cleaning brushes and squeegee. I did a good job on the shower after putting the product on the glass doors that deflects the water. It beads up and rolls down leaving no soap scum behind. Just to be sure I used the Mr Bubble stuff Patty had me buy yesterday and cleaned the tile walls and washed them down with the hose attachment at the shower head. It was quite easy and it worked too. ;-)
I did put some things away in my "art studio", now just this little corner in the family room. I am determined to work out of bins in the garage on shelves instead of bringing EVERYTHING into the house again. But I am not sure this is going to be real conducive to creating...or happiness. We shall see.
A mix of camel and chocolate brown mats to match the beige, tan, and chocolate brown canvas baskets in the down stairs bathroom was my artist's flair for there!
And the master bath got new fluffy chocolate brown towels and mats.
They do look good on the dark tile.
The glass on the new shower door is called "rain" and is so clean and pretty.
The 22 yr old door HAD to GO!
DH got busy unloading MORE boxes of his books all over the family room floor...
but most of them have made it onto this book case there...
That is his plane collection on top
and a ship he carved above that!
He is quite the artist himself you know!
I can't believe the number of boxes I went through but still did NOT find the
To ease my frustration we made lunch and ate it outside under the redwood trees;
a hummer and Henry came to join us.
Shabbat Shalom.


  1. It all looks so great. Love all that light green in the bathroom!

  2. I love my Swiffer. I've had mine for many years. I wouldn't trade it for anything. And your home is really starting to look great.

    I suggest you consider bringing most of your things in from the garage. You will find that what you need while working in the garage will be something that's in your studio and visa versa. Just my take on things. Have a great Sunday, too.

  3. Your home looks wonderful. Love all the decorating you are doing. Your artist eye is flowing into your decorating as well as your quilts and paintings. Hope you come across your TAP so you can get your next project going as I know you are dying to do.

  4. everything is looking so lovely, i love the floors all of them. what a great wayto relax, you will find it when you least expect to.

  5. what fun and what a great feeling this must be for you, lynn! to me this is justified shopping, my favorite kind! nice choices that will make you happy, and i LOVE that shower door. rain indeed.

    have a good day today, lynn


  6. Your house looks great! I switched to the system of working from bins and it's much less overwhelming that way. I used to get sidetracked by other projects and get nothing done. Now when I pull the "soldering bin", I stick to soldering instead of straying over to a quilting project.

  7. Elizabeth and Diane with opposing views: I am doing a little of both. Leaving the bulk in bins in the garage on shelves that will be easys to get to, but have loaded two small three drawer units and one cupboard with shelves with sorted drawers and shelves for
    Painting/Pencils/Pens/Stamps/Papersfor easy reaching inside.

    I hope I am not boring people to death with photos of the house but it is such a major transformation for us that I think I need to SEE it to believe it myself.

  8. Your house is shaping into a beautiful place to be. I bet you are just busting with pride. Deservedly so. It would be frustrating to have things in another room (garage) when you are trying to create unless you have the outside stuff very organized. Good luck.

  9. Hope you soon settle completely and find just the right places for all your bits and bobs and of course hope the TAP reveals itself soon while you are still in the mood to create. Wishing you loads of happiness

    Carolyn xo

  10. I know what you mean. My stuff has been packed up since the middle of May, waiting for my house to sell. By now I can't remember where ANYTHING is! I like how your "new" house is turning out. It's a lot of work, but it will be worth it when the dust settles. (pun)

  11. Hello Lynn,

    Thank you for your lovely comments and I really appreciate that.

    Happy Cactus Monday in advance!

    Don't worry, it will be out when you least expect it and will be reappear again.

    I sometimes have difficulty finding my materials, books....just too many of them.

    I think I must do labbelling and organised them like a librarian...He..He..


  12. Such wonderful progress...Wishing you many more "Ahhh" moments under the redwood trees...:)

  13. it all looks lovely. at least your box sojourn was brief. mine has lasted 6 years. but, my own fault of course. with your swifter you will keep away all the "hypedust" which is my WV word.

  14. I was having a lot of trouble seeing your husbands "plane" collection so I enlarged. ha ha ha on me! I was thinking AIR plane, not wood plane. They sure didn't look like airplanes from out here! ps your house looks gorgeous!


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