Monday, July 12, 2010

Feeling UNDER the Weather

I caught DH's cold...drats!!! Yesterday I really felt miserable. My legs felt like lead. Walking was a chore. This is so NOT ME. My energy was sapped. I do not do being sick very well at all. so yesterday I spent most of the day hanging out in my hammock in the shade dozing and reading, reading and dozing... (another find unearthed and decision made to keep, thank goodness)...
I got up once in a while to help DH with the constructing of two huge new shelving units in the garage that will be used first for a lot of the boxes we have filled with our books and belongings getting ready for the painters and floor guys (painters come Friday and Saturday; floor guys after they are done)...After the renovations the shelves will be mine for my art supplies. Hopefully the family room won't look as messy anymore with all my stuff piled high in there. We'll see.
Also, while cleaning out space in the gar age we unearthed this old PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) spool that a boyfriend from another life ago varnished heavily to make it last forever. It was my dining table when my kids were growing up. Now we will put it in the back yard under the redwood trees on half a wine barrel (still to be purchased) and use it as a little table back there. Neither of us had the heart to part with it. Too many memories.
Happy Monday.
I work but half a day today.


  1. Thank goodness you only have to work a half day. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sorry your got DHs cold. All that stress of packing things and dust isnt helping much either. I too have a sore throat. I am hoping its only allergies. Love the Hammock. We need one! That table will look great in the yard to once done.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. A cold in the summer is no fun.....

    Succes with the table !
    Take care!

  4. Hope you feel better soon Lynn! I love your use for the table outside...what a nice way to use something that will continue to give you fond memories!

  5. hope you feel better - nothing worse than a summer cold.
    your table brings back so many memories! We got rid of our table but I miss that heavily varnished round thing - I really do

  6. So sorry you are ill - hope it goes away very soon! I don't envy you having to do all the home renovations, we redid our flooring in April and still don't have everything put away yet! I'm a big slug.

  7. Hope your cold goes away soon, but don't send it over here. Love the table too.

  8. Get well soon,Lynn. That hammock looks the perfect place to rest up!

  9. Your drawing is a great depiction of your blah's!!

    I haven't had a cold in at least 10 years. I wonder how long I'll be able to say that now that I'm back in the land of snow and ice.
    Summer colds are the pits though Lynn...poor you :(

    I never did get around to filling a box with 'stuff' for you and the grands. Now that you're cleaning out stuff, you may want me not to send anything!

    Feel better soon♥

  10. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe even NOW. It's wonderful to find a new purpose for the old things in your life. Looks like that table still has another lifetime of memories in it.

  11. Thanks for all your good wishes for my cold getting better. And it is...slowly but surely.

    Mim did you really have a spool table like this???? I love it!!!

    Pak art I am not so worried about getting it all back in the house. In fact, if some of it stays gone it might be better. LOL

    Lolo, thank you but no thank you. Please do not send anything right now. There is no room for it. I appreciate your thoughtfulness but I really do not need any more stuff. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Elizabeth, I do appreciate that I have more life ahead to forge more memories in. ;-)

  12. Oh, the spool...I no longer have the ones that were in my house in Oregon (and through a couple of moves before that) but yes, the memories! How fun to find and add to your garden!


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