Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I envy the life of my cat right now. Consider this Animal Wednesday's picture.
This may be my last blog post for a while. We are up to our necks in house prep...packing up...for the painters who come at 7 a.m. on Friday. They will be here two days and then the floor guys come for a week. My computer at home will be torn down. I can contact some from work but don't have a lot of time there for blogging. Consider me having "gone fishing" for a while...I wish that is what I was doing, as this task seems overwhelming right now. Still so much to do. Who knew? I'm laughing thinking "Careful what you wish for!" But it will happen, and it is a dream coming true.
Thank you all for your sweet wishes from my health. I am sure I am getting better each day. Just did not need this right now. I NEED my ENERGY~!
Hugs to all. See you soon.


  1. Well, you aren't going to be any good during the remodel if you aren't up to par, so get better soon. I, for one, will miss you a lot. Hope to see you soon.

  2. I wouldn't mind being a cat in your household....he looks so full of bliss - complete relaxation.....sigh....

    Feel better soon.... you DO have a huge project ahead...but, it will go by quickly...and before you know it, you will be re-settling in to your wonderful home!

    Looking forward to those new posts!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Hugs for health, energy and the future.

  4. slowly slowly catchee monkey, you are doing too much, careful now. thinking of you, hope it all goes well.

  5. try and enjoy it - as silly as that sounds - it'll all be good in the end.

  6. Visualize yourself done with all the work and living in a nice clean new like home. Time does fly fast and it will be no time before you are back to normal.

  7. Thanks all for your postive reinforcement here. I need it.
    I am feeling better today. More energy. Cold is settling into the nose. Throat better. Energy returned. No more chills/sweats. I feel MYSELF once more.

    Yes, by July 26th this should all be behind me/us...and then the slow return of things into the house begins. I might just want to live in it empty for a while!!!! And play with my new faucets!!!!


  8. Spending some time catching up on blogs today...and I am exhausted just READING yours!!! I can only imagine how you feel! Continue to take care of YOU...and what a treat you have to look forward to after all the work is done. Hugs to you...:)

  9. By the time we hear from you again you will feel like a new woman and have a new house. Good luck. Take it from Henry, try to relax and enjoy the process.

  10. I know it will be hard to relax during the time of workers in your home, but hope that just being unplugged from the computer gives you some peace of mind!

  11. Good luck with your house painting, etc. You will find a way to blog, more than laways happens with me!!! :)
    You look too overworked Henry!!!
    Please hurry and get well soon!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  12. I envy cats fullstop!! Such a lazy life! Good luck, Lynn, it will all be worth it in the end!

  13. Hope by now, cold is banished, cat is still relaxed and I keep catching up with your headway...


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