Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two More Days With Computer Access!

Okay, I am still here. I guess I can blog up until I tear down the computer last thing tomorrow night! Is this an addiction? A habit? A way of life?
It's a mess here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But a lot of what you see in this photo is no longer there! And hopefully it will NOT return here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Henry finds refuge where he can. This is the family room/art studio area.
Nearly all of those boxes are now in the garage!!!!
We are getting things done here!
A little bit each evening after work.
This is one of the old bathroom sinks. DO NOT enlarge the photo.
I do NOT want you to see how grimy dirty the area around the handles is.
You can see the chipped enamel in the mirror reflection.
This is the new porcelain sink and one handled faucet.
This sink wont chip and rust. It will still be hard to clean the rear
of the faucet as there is very little room there.
Oh I age my eyesight is going dimmer.
Maybe I won't notice after ten more years!
This is the new faucet and counter top in the downstairs guest
bathroom. It has a quilted look to the tile!
So tonight and tomorrow night to finish it all up in preparation
for the painters who will be here bright and early Friday morning.
I hope I don't over sleep.
It's going to be a crazy weekend and upcoming week!


  1. i like the look of the guest bedroom.

  2. This is the best kind of stress to be had - fixing up a place to make it all fresh and new.

    and I agree - easist way to clean the house is by taking off your glasses.

  3. I am having trouble with leaving comments..... Shoot!

    Well once again......

    I love to see the progress of your renovation projects Lynn and henry sleeping in the middle of it. Aren´t cats an inspiration?!
    (Don't forget to take time to rest Lynn!)


  4. Love your fuu fuu sink. That is cool. I would like one of those. :)
    At least you arent moving somewhere.. just out to the garage and back to a nice clean place. This brings back our moving from CA to here. oh my.. what a time that was. I would rather do what your doing.. well actually.. I would rather not do either. LOL
    Good to know you can stay in house while all this is going on.

  5. Oh and.. I forgot to mention the cute little clock plugged into your socket. Where did you get that? I LOVE IT. What a cool idea.

  6. This is looking really good! I can't imagine what you are going through with a whole house remodel. I'm sure you and the cat will be very happy when all is done.

  7. I sure hope you are feeling better. You sure have lots going on!

  8. I am so reminded of a few months ago! Glad to have it over with! Good luck getting through it. I hope it all goes smoothly and you are able to get back to normal soon!


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