Thursday, July 15, 2010

Henry Helps Dad Clean Up!

Each evening after work we attack the house. One night to go. Henry helped last night as "Dad" sorted papers, books, magazines, CDs, and what he called "Odds and Ends".... These boxes are for the thrift store... CD player on top will go to DH's classroom for his "kids" there.
Henry said he had to put up with Mike our helper guy all day today. I guess he survived as he was still in the house when I got home this evening. Mike brought the new screen door for the front of the house...
and he installed the new faucet at the kitchen sink!
Henry prays in the sun on his prayer rug
that we are almost done! One more day, Henry, then you go to Pampered Pets for the duration!
Good news learned today, as I ran into Steve from the floor guys place on my noon time walk:
We will be able to stay in our house to sleep while they are doing the floors!
They'll do the downstairs first allowing for us to sleep upstairs...
and I guess once the floors are done upstairs the bed can go down again
and we can sleep there still.
Whew. Much better than a week in motels!
(I just pray that the dust post removal of carpets will be cleaned out allowing for
breathable air! You think?


  1. Oh, Lynn, so much upheaval going on in your house at the moment. I know what it's like. never mind it will be all worth it in the end!

  2. Your project is going a lot faster than most. And it seems you are on schedule, too. So let's hope it stays on budget. The dust will soon be gone and you WILL be able to breathe again. I sure like the new pieces you have gotten so far. And the floor guys seem to be more than accommodating.

  3. It sounds like an ideal plan. I know you will survive this and be so happy when finished. Henry looks a little disgruntled in the first photo. Too much commotion.

  4. That Henry is too adorable! But, boy will he be angry when he goes to "Pampered Pets"! ;)

    Still, when he returns to his "Kingdom", he will have a great time exploring all the new smells and the new floor!

    This time of stress will pass - it will be next week before you know it!

    Sending you a hug - and one for Henry too!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Wow - what a job. I'm wondering how Henry fared at Pampered Pets. I love the prayer rug shot.


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