Friday, July 16, 2010


This is just like the TV show EXTREME MAKEOVER!!!! DH & I stayed up past midnight finishing up packing thing in boxes...taking them to garage...finally slept...painters arrived before 7 a.m. and got right to 20 minutes they had all our furniture corralled and covered...up ladders...light fixtures covered...things taken outside...more to the garage...Christo told me they would be able to do all the work in one day...because he brought extra head is spinning...i have come out to our back yard, as the smells were getting to me, as i sat on my bed with my little notebook computer from work. i was so glad they would not have to disturb the router connection & I could do this.
You can see how quickly they work...clean and thoroughly.
Now I sit in my backyard listening to the birds sing, in the shade...hoping it does not get too excited this is happening.
I am so grateful...wishing you all a great weekend!!!! Am sure I'll be back to show the after shots next...stay tuned!!!!


  1. You will survive. It is amazing that they think they can paint it all in one day. What a blessing.
    Try to enjoy your weekend.

  2. Wow.. thats great if they can get it done in one day. Lots of work there. HOpe they do a good job. Cool we can see it from the upstairs. Nice you still have internet. YOu have inspired us to clean and toss in our home too. :))

  3. how exciting. fresh paint - a fresh start - fresh attitude.

  4. OMYGOD! is, what a grand way you guys jumped in there with all feet for this extreme makeover. It's gonna be wonderful. I can smell the fresh paint from here!

  5. These guys know what they are doing. I can tell just by the photos you took. It would have taken me all day to cover the carpet, move the furniture from one wall to the middle of the room, then paint the first wall. By the end of the day, I would have been ready for the second wall and that would have been it. Lovely post.

  6. Just one day, that's fantastic! Less hassle for you - throw open the windows for some fresh air and enjoy the transformation!

  7. You are really doing the whole house!!!!
    This is wonderful and so exciting to see the make over!

    before and after shots...Oh I love those programs on TV.

    Enjoy this transformation!



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