Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forth Day of Vacation...Meeting Becky Lowe in Eureka

There is something very very special since beginning blogging a few short years ago, to become acquainted with other bloggers, to become interested in them for their art that you share in common, to become interested in them and their lives, and then to actually meet them in person! This is exactly what I did this trip. Becky Lowe of Quilt Architect lives up north from us in California so it wasn't at all difficult to plan a stop over at her house on our way down the coast to home. I had told Becky to expect us around the 9th of July, but forgot to inform her that our plans had changed and that we had cut our previously planned trip in half. So I wasn't surprised to learn she was not at home when we arrived on the 5th of July. Her son, Winston, greeted us warmly, called his mom who had gone shopping and told her we were on her door step four days early! Winston graciously took us across the street to a field by the beach to show us how he flew his remote controlled jet plane. We were both enthralled by the graceful sight of this Styrofoam airplane sailing through the sky. I guess I was too enthralled to take any photos! But you can see the plane in the collage below. When Becky got home shortly there after she showed us around their house. First the raised box garden right on the water, an inlet lagoon from the bay. Then inside we got a tour of her studio, her 201 Singer Sewing machine that is an old sturdy machine for sewing heavy duty projects! She also has a feather weight machine and a surge machine! To say her quilts are awesome is an understatement. The work that goes into them, much done by hand, boggles the mind and eye. The one in the top three panels of this collage starting on the left side have hand sewn printing that Becky did free style that really blew me away! Her Starry Night rendition is beautiful and this quilt is full of symbolism of all kinds. The 4th top row photo is small hexagons all done by hand, again, simply amazing work. She does beautiful applique, woven prize winning pieces, and one that was full of puns! She even showed us a denim jean quilt that Winston had made at age 15 by himself! On the bottom row pictures 2 and 4 are the car art I produced on the way for Becky. (another of the estate sale pillow case sets). Becky said she and her husband were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary that day so it seemed an appropriate gift. Becky sent me away with a large stack, more than shown here as some are upstairs being read in my bedroom already, of old issues I did not already have of my two favorite magazines, CPS and Quilting Arts. Thank you Becky for this generous gift of goodies and for accepting us so warmly into your home without notice!!!
There is something very very special about meeting someone
who already feels like a friend
in their very real world!
Color me Lucky!


  1. you made the most of your wonderful holiday, what a treat this was.

  2. That must have been such a great holiday!
    Lovely pictures and visits!

    Just great!
    Love that purple quilt, must take another look at it at home on the big screen.....
    Enjoy the wonderful memories of your holiday and I am happy you made it safely home again!

  3. Oh wow. I am in love with Beckys garden on the water.. wow. Her quilts are very lovely too. You had quite the 'art' trip this time didnt you? Thanks for sharing all this with us and introducing us to Becky.

  4. You are a lucky lady. I am glad it all worked out well.

  5. I love all the wonderful pictures! sounds like you've had a great summer so far!

    I finally got my internet connection fixed and I'm trying to get some regular studio time...

  6. Lynn Thank you for coming to visit. I love seeing all the pictures you posted and reading about our visit from your view point. I am so glad you stopped and waited for us. We will have to do it again.

  7. Yes, Becky we will do it again and next time we will have time to sit and talk more...all of us together.
    It was great to be with you, your family and your art work and machines!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for all the great reads too. ;-)

    One more post on vacation tomorrow.
    In the meantime we are back home cleaning house!


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