Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Three of our Vacation and our visit with Sam in Glide, Oregon...

July 4th 2010Sam (top row far left)
Sam's Family! Sam has been our friend for over 30 years now. Her dear husband Jim was DH's friend before that, before we met, as young 20 yr olds recently resettled in California. Jim died two years ago. We will continue to enjoy our friendship with Sam and carry on our July 4th annual get together.
Sam's home is so cute and well put together I have to take hundreds of photos and make collages to give you the full flavor. Sam is like Cloth, Paper, Scissors and all the Somerset magazines put together in what she creates and lives with and gives away! Enlarge the photos to see for yourself. This is her art studio, one small room in the house, but full to over flowing with goodies for creations. Inside and outside are wonders to please the eye! It is by far the best B & B on the west coast! Filled with love!
Sam and her sister Anita use my many photos in their art and craft
projects all year long!
Sam always sends me home with gifts, this time a huge bag full of awesome fabrics.
It was hard to fly away from her and there.
But she is thinking about a trip south and hopefully
that will include a visit to US!
We are waiting for you Sam!!!


  1. What a beautiful friend and her family looks so sweet. I would love to get lost in her craft room for a few days.

  2. Wow, what a visit that must have been. Lots of art and lots of love in those photos. Her craft room was sure well stocked.

  3. Wow.. thats a big family. I didnt realize she had so much family there. How fun to be included. Love love love he place and all the goodies there. I would go crazy seeing it all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lynn, what a treat to visit your friend Sam. How inspiring to be around nature and nature's gifts in the form of arts that Sam has made.
    I love the bird house with the watch hanging on it. Also the HELP WANTED chalk board sign. I am going to have to make a sign like that to remind myself to "ask" for help.
    A beautiful family too.
    Even some poetry "Summer Afternoon".

  5. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. And that studio is really inspiring.

  6. And she has a whirligig! I love whirligigs! I wish I had a garden so I could have ten of them... mules kicking farmers, maids milking cows, a bear paddling a canoe...

  7. What an excellent house! I love your pics and the collages you did of them!


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