Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Two of Vacation took us to Roseburg, OR and

On the way down from Crater Lake we stopped to get a photo of these "rabbit ears" Mt. peaks. DH has quite the sense of humor, no?
I am grinning ear to ear because I am so happy to be with Cris and Con and Annie in Oregon! We came there from Crater Lake and that's me wearing my new hat I got in the gift shop there. Cris and I had lots of time to catch up in person on this our third visit to date! Her garden is everything you have seen on her blog and then some. I took tons of photos inside and out all of which I lost on a faulty memory card! A crying shame! Luckily DH took a few shots on his little Coolpix camera so I could share the joy with you.
Cris gave me a little painting! I just love it. It's her comfy chair painting and it's on a cute little easel and it now sits atop my computer where I can look up and see it and smile remembering our good time together. We were not without what to talk about believe me!!!!
Yes, too short a time
but very very sweet.
Her roses smell divine as well!
Thanks Cris, for the painting, a lovely delicious lunch on your new
pretty patio, and good good conversation.
The guys enjoyed each other's company
and I got to toss a ball for Annie to run and retrieve until I wore her out!
;-) See you next summer!


  1. What a fun visit. You both look so happy. I love the "rabbit" ears. A person might think of them as devilish horns. Children still like to put two fingers up at the back of someones head to give them that look. It is good that Fred still has that child-like humor.

  2. Wow.. A photo of me smiling normally. A very rare occurance. LOL
    Sorry you lost all your photos on that card. I hope DH got some good ones of Crater Lake. Glad you liked the painting too.

  3. Oh I forgot about the Rabbit ears.. took me a second to figure out what you were talking about..How funny.

  4. how lovely to visit w/Cris and to have the wonderful painting from her talented hands to take home w/you. You look great!

  5. Oh how wonderful to see Cris again and have a visit. And that beautiful painting. wow!!!! Lucky you.

    Hats?, omg, the hat is wonderful!!

  6. Lisa, not just children...DH and our friend Sam still do this, although Sam makes it look like a peace sign at times...but I know better!

    Cris, you can see DH's Crater Lake photos on the previous post here. Yes, your smile is beauty-full!

    Suki, thanks! ;-))

    Teri, I love the hat too!!! Stylish and covers well! Comfortable to wear. A fun find!

  7. Sounds like the perfect conclusion to a really great vacation. Your husband's rabbit ears photo put a big smile on my face, almost as big as yours. I can just SEE how much fun you had. And your giftie was adorable, too.

  8. So good that you two had such a nice visit! This is a very good photo of you and Cris, as she was not pleased with the ones taken with her camera. Her gift to you is very sweet and will hold many memories of your visit.

  9. What a fun trip you had Lynn. Wonderful to meet blogfriends and the little painting is sooo cute!

    have a nice weekend!

  10. Well I visited Cris, so I had to come and see your version of the visit! How wonderful and I just love your photos and that cute 'chair' painting. I have been reading all about your visits. What a fabulous time you've been having. I haven't time to write on them all but believe me I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog. xxx

  11. Wonderful photos and you look sooo relaxed and happy. Sounded like a purrfect vacation!


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