Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Five Terrific Vacation Days...and Home again!

The first leg of our vacation landed us in Ashland, Oregon where we visited with my dear cousin Betsy! Betsy is my late father's niece. We had a great time catching up with each others lives and reminiscing about our earlier lives! Betsy has a delightful sense of humor and her 87 yrs of life has only enhanced it. She was a most gracious host and we loved staying the night in her beautiful home and being taken out to a very delicious Italian dinner. Thank you Betsy! We got up early the next morning and enjoyed a lovely drive through lush forest of dense greenery and trees to Crater Lake. This vision never disappoints us. It always takes our breath away...the day was cool and crisp, but very comfortable and the colors of the water and the reflections were living art.
Tell me, don't these views just make you want to run for your paints and paper?
I will post a different day of our trip as the week goes on. I seem to have lost some of the photos taken early on from my first memory card. These photos came from DH's camera.
I hope that does not happen again, as I have a second card loaded with wonderful photos.
I will wait until later to download them, and am still hoping the first batch will be found
somewhere on this computer. In the meantime I will do my utmost to catch up on all of your blogs!
I hope you are all having fun!


  1. Oh Lynn, live art is right on! This is nature at it's best. Simply stunning.

  2. Beautiful!! My daughter use to live in Oregon--we always enjoyed going there.

  3. what a lovely face she has and you look so well tg. nice having you back again.

  4. Glad that you found your cousin well and happy. The lake is an inspiration. Welcome back.

  5. These photos show how beautiful Crater Lake is more so then the card you brought me and it was pretty spectacular. Loved the last photo with the turqoise blue along the edge of the water. Your Cousin looks great.

  6. yes, a most beautiful lake. glad you had a lovely visit w/your cousin. Did you use the word cool??? ah....

  7. I love the pictures you made of the lake. I can see how it can be inspiring. Amazing BLUE.

    I would have love to hear the stories your cousin Betsy could tell. Imagine how the world has changed since she was a girl. I agree with soulbrush, she has a very lovely face, draws you into her soul.

    You are looking very inspired Lynn.

  8. Wow - that lake looks fantastic! You always go on such exciting trips.

  9. Crater Lake a!!!!!

  10. Awww you made me homesick. I used to live in Medford, and Ashland was closeby and fun as it's a college town. And Crater Lake...well, it's got a special spot in my heart and I'll have my ashes let fly there, in the Wildflower Meadow, a very beautiful spot up there. One of my brothers has worked and lived there for the past 20 or more years...


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