Monday, July 5, 2010

Last or Second To the Last Day of Vacation

We had a sweet time (including eating too much sugar) at our friend Sam's house for July 4th. I took a million photos of her wonderful art/crafts all over her house inside and out. Can't wait to download them at home and share them here later. Lots of laughs and fun with family (hers) and friends. Now we are heading down the coast of Oregon to wonderfully beautiful sights for a ten hour drive home to California. Might,might spend the night on the coast...(I hope so)...will stop in scenic spots to enjoy the day along the way. Expect more photos of same. See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is well and happy.
Visualize rocks and waves!


  1. Sounds like you had a great 4th. Now make it home safe and show lots of photos.

  2. You will be traveling right where we had our two week vacation all scheduled for last year, and had to cancel...will be anxiously awaiting the pics! Have a blast!!!

  3. I can picture that beautiful drive along the PCH!

    Looking forward to lots of wonderful photos :)


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