Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday Update Sans Photos

I really cannot do a blog with out photos! I just cannot. So I will simply say that we are having a wonderful time...we have traveled by car to Ashland, Oregon, visited my dear cousin there, spent one night; stood in awe looking at Crater Lake this morning; drove through magnificent countryside traveling to see Cris and Con in Roseburg, where we had a whole lot of laughs and fun; and had a fun evening catching up with our dear friend Sam. Tomorrow we will celebrate, as we do each year, The Fourth of July with her and her extended family. Once we return home I will share it all with you in greater detail with pictures to enhance the stories! In the meantime, thank you for checking in and leaving your comments; and look in again for more surprises! Hugs to all, Lynn enjoying life to the fullest and loving every minute of it!!!! I hope you are too! Be sure to tell me what YOU are up to!!! Wishing you a fun filled, safe 4th! ;-)


  1. You have a great time Lynn. Look forward to the photo's when you return.

  2. You are setting a good example for all of us Lynn! Have a terrific 4th July!

  3. Have a wonderful trip Lynn!!!!!
    And a happy July 4th!

  4. I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about your trip. Have a good time. Happy 4th of July.

  5. super. continue to enjoy and celebrate life.

  6. so glad you saw cris and con again this year, can't wait to see you all together again in photos.

  7. It was a fabulous but to short visit and we yakked the whole time. Next year it has to be a little bit longer! :))

  8. I love your new hearder too.
    The watercolour sketch is great!

  9. I'd love to visit Cris and Con and the ducks and Lucy Goosey and Annie and the cats!!

    Looking forward to pics ;)

    Stay safe!


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