Monday, July 19, 2010

Huston We Have Mud & The Beginnings of Floors!

Melting man is DH sitting under the shade of our 3 redwood trees in 96 degrees F heat while floor guys begin the installation of new flooring...
I, on the other hand, am too excited to be much bothered by the heat and keep running inside to check on progress...all the while drawing little pictures to while away the time... I even was able to put my feet up and relax some..
This is the tile that will be mostly hidden by the washer and dryer in our small laundry area.
I chose a dark color with lots of variations/shades that I felt
would not show dirt easily!!!
I love the lines made by the "mud rake" upon which the tile is laid.
Huston, we have mud!
The laminate guy senior sawed off the lip on each stair!
Laminate guy jr seen connecting the puzzle pieces together!
Main tile guy almost got the kitchen floor completely laid, but the saw broke and they had to call it a day around 4 PM.
This is a more golden color called of all things "Gold Coast"!
Also with plenty of variation of shades to be a hider of dirt.
Do you get that cleaning floors is not exactly my favorite thing?
Laminate guy Jr finished the living room floor before they left for the day.
Their helper M. got all the carpets pulled up from upstairs getting
ready to work there tomorrow.
Needless to say I am stoked that my dream is now very visable!!!
Just another few days and it will be like having a brand new home.
Not bad I think for living here 22 yrs, paying it off this year,
and putting on a new face for the duration of years we have
left here...hopefully many.


  1. This is a beautiful investment. You will love those floors no doubt.

  2. No its huston we have FLOORS and wonderful floors. I think the colors go with your cabinets I see and wont show the dirt like light or real dark will. Good choices.
    Loved your drawings. Glad it wasnt 110 out there today. Its almost done.. yippie.

  3. Great viusals, Lynn! Hurray to new floors that hide dirt!

  4. fess up Lynn. Did you guys win the lottery??

    I think this renovation is going to be famtastic. Lucky you!!!

    I love the flooring choices ;)

  5. I know you can't wait to move all those workman out...and the noise...and just enjoy the beautiful new floors. What a change. Congratulations for seeing your goals to the end. What a great testimony to your family about patience and perseverance. Two old virtues of the past.

    I really can't relate to the heat. It has been really cool here. Nice that you have some shade.

    I like your drawings...great thing to do to pass the time.

  6. I LOVE your tiles that help to hide dirt!!! My Mom always said "Get a dirt colored floor"!!! She is very wise!!!

  7. Lovely choices Lynn! And see....the work is nearly done!
    You all will be back in your "new" home.....soon!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. LOLO, your comment made me laugh out, we did not win the lottery, however that is exactly how I have been feeling. But the truth is I am simply using $$$ I have saved diligently over the years just for this purpose and finally had enough to do the deed!!! I DON'T LIKE DEBT AND HAVE ALWAYS PRACTICED BEING FRUGAL aNd and only buying what I could afford at the time. I even once saved for a car and bought it outright.

  9. Oh but you won the New Home Lottery!
    Fabulous choices.
    Your tile looks to be nearly the same as we used at the lake,,the dirt hider element sure has paid off there.Also like the color choice on your wood flooring. We went darker than that,,,a mistake I'm not admitting to The Boyfriend. Every little thing shows. I selected the stain, so I'm not admitting to anything.But I still like it anyway.
    Wonderful drawings Lynn,,,!

  10. Busy, busy! Lookin' good, I say. Although, I simply cannot imagine not having air condidioning this month. I like the way you are passing your time.

  11. Isn't it fun to see everything lokk better and better?!
    Those floor are much more convenient than carpets. You will love it.

    Oh I want a kitchen make over.....

    Enjoy all of this!

  12. lynn, my favorite part of seeing a household transformation take place is watching someone other than me do all the work! i understand your happiness totally!

    your blog looks beautiful.


  13. Laminate floorинг is much better than carpet or any other floor. Great choice. In my opinion looks very nice and it's easy to clean. For example if you have carpets at home from time to time you will need to hire carpet cleaners , but with laminate no need.

  14. Love the transformation and your whiling away the time drawings, too!


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