Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Floors Day Two

We got up early on day two to greet the floor guys. I had to go to work, but before I left I surveyed the plans for the day, and DH took up his station in the backyard hammock where he could keep an eye on things. Laminate guys jr and sr got started laying soft under padding in the upstairs hallway.
Tile guy was putting in the last of the kitchen tiles. I came home at 5 to find the hallway between living room and family room was done. and laminate "L"'d into the downstairs hall closet. Half of the family room floor was laid.
/tile had been laid in the master bath.
(all the tiled areas still await grout)
tile was laid in the middle upstairs bath
laminate ran from the top of the stairs down the hall into DH's office
and floor boards had been installed in this office room.
Still to do:
1. one bedroom upstairs
2. half the family room downstairs
3. downstairs guest half bath
4. baseboards
5. grout
6. install toilets
7. stairs
plan to be done by end of day Thursday
Our house is blooming on bloomin' Tuesday!


  1. Wow they are romping through your job. Those floors look gorgeous. It will be such a different feel for the house.

  2. Oh my goodness! The floors are really beautiful, and they have done so much in a short time. You are going to love it when all is done. Yes, we have baby on the brain. This gift almost didn't get to be...but here we are waiting to meet our 7th is amazing.
    Love, Mary
    I hope she has red hair like me...TEE-HEE

  3. How wonderful this is going to be!

  4. Its really looking good. wow.
    Its almost done.. Soon you can say ..IT HAPPENED! I think you really picked some good color choices.
    I see you're not the only one using the Hammock. Good choice in saving that too. :)

  5. Oh, it all looks so brand spanking new and shiny...I love it and remember how good I felt when I got new stuff after the flood of '08.


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