Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grateful Thursday; Thanks Becky & Lolo!!!

Becky Lowe of Quilt Architect and A Face in the Crowd blogs has a special blog for her incredible woodcuts and this is just one of these beauties she has very generously gifted me with.
Becky sent it with two other "Healing Cards" in ATC size... I got a kick out of the first one as my DH is famous for saying "if only..." It's the story of his life! Since I am very much enjoying my present life I have no desire to rewind the clock...maybe I'd like one that could slow it down a bit...and make life as I know it last longer...and longer!
I think I can honestly say I am enjoying life in the PRESENT to the fullest!
Thank you Becky for all the wonderful art and sentiments!!!
The next group of cards came to me from Laurel, or LOLO of Studio Lolo! I was not at all surprised to see these three crows fly in holding the envelope in their collective beaks!!!
Lolo's creativity extends to stamps and Stamps too!!!
Of course I loved this watercolor cat on the card she found by artist...
and yes it looks a lot like our dear Henry...who is coming home tonight, as all the floor guys said they'll finish up today!!! *(we can't wait to show Henry our new abode)! I do love all of Lolo's signature crows...this one on her ETSY card!
Lolo and I are in the ABC ATC II group and this is her letter "Z" ATC I was lucky enough to be in line to receive! Thank you Lolo...your Zany Zoo is a sheer delight with its sparkly feathered peacock and other animal friends!
...and I think I live your Adventure card and have done so throughout my life!!! A great motto to live by!
Lolo puts her ATCs in these pretty sheer fabric envelopes and adds a sparkly letter to go with the card inside: "Z"!
I encourage you to follow the address on this card to see more of Lolo's awesome art! You will love it as I do I am positive!
Well, I think you will agree with me that I have tons to be grateful for this week. Wonderful art came my way (and I got more from Soulbrush, but it's hiding from me in the packing up phase of our renovations and will be revealed here once it reappears, sorry Soul, but thanks just the same)...
I am grateful for all of YOU for putting up with my expounding on our house changes, following the process along with me, allowing for my exuberance and excitement, while I make this DREAM of mine come true before my very eyes. It was a long time coming, and I am grateful for my ability to be patient over the years, to save money, and to use it finally to have a home I can feel proud of and have to enjoy the rest of my years in, G-d willing!
And I am grateful to DH who went along for the ride and said okay to so many changes and even seems to like most of it! ;-)
I'm glad none of you can see my tears of joy, as I move out of
'house shame' into 'house PRIDE'!!! ;-)))))


  1. You do have much to be thankful for "now". I can't wait to hear what Henry thinks of his new house.

  2. I really am happy for you Lynn, You deserve all this. Its going to be fun to come home to from now on. For both of you. Lots of fun art sent to you too.

  3. man, you have such a wonderful thing going here with exchange and the blogosphere... and such a tight group of friends... i'm thankful to have known you these last few years and see so much kindness and sharing... you're one in a million Lynn...

    take care and i'll see ya again soon,


  4. What delighful gifts in the post! It's always such fun to open mail these days - it almost always only used to be bills before the advent of blog exchanges!

  5. Wow, you make me sound famous fro crying out loud! I'm glad getting mail from me makes you smile ;)

    I love the woodcuts! I just bought a speedball carving set to try to make my own rubber stamps. I'll probably cut myself!

    I know what you mean about house shame vs. house pride.
    I remember a quote from Oprah..."your house should rise up to greet you."

    I'm sure your new home will do more than that. It will surround you with love and many more years of memory making.

    yay!! It's getting closer to the big reveal!


  6. i am so happy for you lynn!!!
    everything looks so fresh! yes!!!

  7. Isn't it wonderful to be able to renovate and make your old home new again! It's a lot of work, but you can be so happy and proud that it is complete. Thank you so much for posting the review of my book on your sidebar - you are a dear blogger friend!

  8. Lovely gifts Lynn and that Henry card!!!! Lo is the best in sending the most wonderful art and finds!

  9. Thanks for posting my ATC cards Lynn.
    I am a little late to the party but I can tell that a lot has happened and you are settling into your home with smiles.


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