Friday, July 23, 2010

Workmen Getting Done and Henry's Home!

On the sixth day the workmen finished up the house. Each morning they started off the day by DH going to Starbucks and bringing them back coffee for the day. Laminate Bill begins the work on the stairs!
Laminate Billy jr. worked up stairs on the big closet floor and put up the floorboards up and downstairs.
Laminate Marcus worked the saw outside in the driveway.
DH supervised from his post in the backyard. The gardeners came and mowed the lawn around him. I went to work.
In the evening DH went to pick up Henry who howled all the way home in the car. He did not know what to make of all the changes as he roamed the house upstairs and down, looking at and marking what was new to him, wondering no doubt where everything that had once been so familiar to him was...but finally he sat down on both floors and said "I approve!"
He spent time coming to each of us to be loved and to mark us! At least we were familiar, I think.
And then he found this empty box and said he'd reside here if necessary.
Next day he took a nap with mom.
and finally felt quite at home in the kitchen on the new little rug I had bought for in front of the sink. It's woven cotton and looks very quilt like don't you think? Henry likes it.
He also enjoyed a special tuna treat! We are oh so glad that Henry's home!


  1. it looks like he is happy to be home also - wait till he runs on that floor and slides - won't that be funny!!

  2. Henry is adorable--I'm glad he's adjusting well.

  3. I can just imagine Henry's confusion when first introduced to his newly remodeled abode. I am glad to hear that he has accepted the adjustments. Love the new rug in the kitchen.

  4. The rug looks like a perfect spot for Henry. He's lucky he missed out on most of the disruption. It's all looking good Lynn!

  5. I do have to say its nice to see Henry home. He's such a cutie. but I loved the KNEES sticking out of the hammock.. LOL Good shot Lynn!! LOL
    I think Cats like something new. How boring it would be to never have any excitement in ones little life. Love the floors.
    Henry is a good 'floor' model..:)

  6. What fabulous pictures of Henry!! Hmmm, I feel a little painting inspiration...

    The picture of DH in the hammock is hilarious!

  7. What a journey in just 6 days! Your place looks fantastic and Henry and the kitchen tile color look great together, too!

    You will love how easy to clean the floors will be now! I wish I could have afforded to put the Congoleum DuraPlank and DuraCeramic in all the house when I had my flood last year, but as you know, it's more expensive than it's just on the main floor and the bathrooms but I love it every time I walk into the room...even 2 years down the road I still smile!

  8. The days have flown - and now, your "new" castle is ready and the "King" has reclaimed his realm! (And his "Subjects"!)

    Everything looks gorgeous - and Henry's new rug is perfect!

    All the photos are great - that hammock one is too funny!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Hammock pic is super!! Henry definitely feels King of the Castle now! The flooring looks great!

  10. hi lynn, firstly, apologies for not coming by in the physical but couldn't leave a comment anyway so am keeping up with you in my reader and your house is looking so good....this isgoing to be wonderful when you're done! bet you can't wait and i can't wait for photos....and lovely your etsy things, that $500 piece is gorgeous but... ;)

    looking forward to seeing more from your studio once you are finally set to go. xo

  11. all looking jolly good to me, and henry agrees with that!

  12. Henry didn't look too happy in the first picture, but I see he's starting to adjust to his new digs. The workmen did a great job on the remodel and you are truly blessed.

    I had to laugh at the photo of your husband in the hammock. I keep wishing someone would come mow MY yard. This heat is a killer, but it looks like it either isn't that hot at your place, or your hubby doesn't mind the heat.

    Have a great Sunday

  13. Hi Henry! Welcome home!!! Your place looks so nice with the flooring! I sure like your floors colorings!!! Nice hubby to get everyone coffee every morning! :)

    Thanks for helping with the I.D on my chair...I Left you a comment on my blog, but it sure does look like a type of Morris chair!!! I love knowing this. I think it must have been handmade at home, by someone! Thanks again!!!

  14. Henry howling all the way home is hilarious. You all must be feeling great in your new home.


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