Saturday, July 24, 2010

A day of Glitches

I guess no job as huge as what we have been doing can go along with out a single I shouldn't have been too surprised when the attachments to the washing machine were spitting water all over the place and more runs to the HARDWARE STORE were needed for more PARTS...and then waiting for someone to come over to show DH how to fix the problem. Finally, tonight I was able to wash clothes!!!! And then my neighbor who is always so helpful had the unfortunate luck to have his back go out on him so he and DH could not put in the two toilets as planned today. Instead, we have had to hire a plumber who will come on Monday and take much denero to do this arduous job. Well, we NEED the toilets and so we will gladly pay to have it done. I unloaded umpteen boxes upstairs today and shelved many books only to be told tonight that DH wants many of those books to come to shelves downstairs. I thought I was being so helpful. Oy. Henry seems to like to be up on my desk, not something he has done in the past, where he can see what's going on from this vantage point. I did set up my sewing and felting machines in the family room/art studio in hopes that I can get to use them before too awfully long. A sweet bit was this hummer who visited me or my Lilies of the Nile all day long. He/she did not seem to mind if I was inside here or outside later in the day, the flowers were a huge attraction. So the work continues. We are tired, and sometimes a bit cranky, but most of all we are pleased with what we have done. And I am NOT complaining about the work. It's kind of fun to see it come together...finding things is a real challenge. Perhaps it's best to just keep opening box after box and be surprised at what we find rather than hope to find something specific. Oh, I neglected to also tell you that I washed DH's cell phone that he left in his jean shorts pocket! See, a day with a few glitches...nothing to write home about. Life goes on.
blog post # 1,100!


  1. Just looked at all the work that has been done! OMG. By now you must be doing the fun part, decorating your home again!
    The floors look great and match Henry's color ;) Poor Henry but good to see he is back and after an inspection approved everything and found his places to nap again.
    And that hummingbird!!!! My.... what a view!

    Enjoy everything dear , you must be exhausted after all is finished.


  2. WOW!!That's a lot of Blogposts!!Decorating is tiring- but the effect!!It will give you a boost.
    Poor Puss. Henry didn't like his home being disrupted. He can supervise well from up on your cupboard!.

  3. I would say you are lucky to have gotten this far on time with so few headaches. When the workers redid my basement studio (mind you, it was ONE ROOM ONLY), they took their own sweet time. Nearly two weeks for ONE room. You are really blessed, I would say.

    Henry looks really happy to be home. Sorry to hear about the neighbor.

  4. congrads on the 1100 and the new house (sorta). fun stuff!~

  5. They are always leaving things in their pockets, aren't they! I doubt the 'flower' pounding affect would stand up to washing, but it looks as if you will be too busy to try the idea for a while.

  6. This is what makes life interesting, right?
    And wow, 1,100 posts! I'm only 1000 behind you.

  7. It sounds like you are slowly but surely getting back to normal. It sounds like your hitches are too bad. What bad luck to have ones cell washed. I have two friends that have done this so it must not be an uncommon thing to do. Henry has the right idea. Get up out of the way to watch what is going on. Congrats on 1100 posts.

  8. the big picture like you said, it's amazing they are so few in all that was transformed at your house! It's on my lists of things to get done to replace my washer water connections with the kind you can easily shut off wit the flip of a lever. My mom had a flood once when her washer kept filling...Yes, cats like vantage points!

  9. yes, everything has a price and i don't mean money, but boy will you be happy when it is done a you can sit back and enjoy it all.
    seems you and I both have 1000 celebrations today... congrats on yours, xxx

  10. Yep Glitches are part of the remodeling process. They will get done & it will be wonderful. Love your view of the hummer. It was giving you its approval of not messing with its flowers when you did your remodeling. See.. everyone, including Henry, is happy. :)


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