Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now What? Henry Wonders...

It's Sunday, aren't you supposed to rest today? Well, I'm still too excited about new house to I cleaned the fridge and used my two new garbage pails: one for recyclables and one for garbage! They fit so nicely in with the new "US" modern mode!
Maybe DH will start filling his bookshelves with books today, or maybe he will be the one who chooses to rest. See my mom's hooked rug she made years ago in front of the fireplace? It looks very nice on the wood floors. That little pillow on the gold chair has a Mary Englebert girl saying: "I'm In Charge!" I like that garage sale find!
This little basket of dolls will reside in my bedroom for my grand daughter to find the next time they come to visit. While making my bed with fresh linens today I found myself moving the bed to an angle in the corner. Feng Shui? Something different and cute.
I love our new laminate stairs. I am walking barefoot in the house. (I always have). The laminate guy said foot oil was not great for the floors. My girlfriend Patty said it's okay. Do you have an opinion?
Tomorrow the plumber will come and install the two new toilets in the guest and master bathrooms! About time!!! Do NOT ask me what he charges an hour, you do not want to know!
Yesterday I unpacked and shelved all these books in our combination "library" and workout room. We have four pieces of equipment we use on occasion. I mostly use the treadmill, but now that the exercise bike is up there (and NOT in the entryway/living room anymore!!!) I may use it too. I also use the weight bench and bar. DH uses the Nordic track and bike. All but the treadmill were purchased used at garage sales over the years! Good deals too. We've had the treadmill for 20 years and it's still going strong so it was worth the investment.
Just so you know I did rest a bit today between putting away some things. I had some hammock time with the Sunday papers and a popcycle. So nice. When ever I hang out in the hammock I feel like I am on a vacation. It revives memories from when I was 19 and spent three months in Mexico and part of that time I slept in a hammock on the beach under a thatched roof by the ocean. I think the cells in my body retain those wonderful memories and I feel it all over again when I am in my own back yard hammock! @@@@@@ Henry has found another hiding place. This is a kitchen cupboard and happens to be the shelf where I keep cloth table cloths and napkins. He can open the cupboard door and goes in, lets the door close behind him and stays there to sleep I guess. Now I will have to be sure to remember to wash the linens before serving dinner to guests! ;-)
Good night, Henry.


  1. Oh, this post made me smile because of Henry's cubbyhole and seeing your getting your home back together. Love the rug and the basket of dolls!

    I have not heard that about skin oils and wood flooring but gee, it's laminate not unsealed wood. I also know people who put their knives in their knife rack upside down so the blades won't dull but then flick their cigarette out a window when they are driving!

    Just enjoy and relax...

  2. Its looking sooooo good. wow. I wouldnt wear socks down those stairs. If I DID I would slip and fall down the stairs. Never heard about skin oils. but its laminate so is it real wood? I dont know what they make that out of.
    Enjoy.. Looks like Henry is. We covered our OLD hard wood floor because the animals hated walking on them. that and I was to cold. lol

  3. You've had a very busy day. Sounds like a productive one, too. And I guess Henry's ready for a nap.

    I've never had laminate floors, just real wood, so don't even know the difference when it comes to care. I know I used oil to clean/dust my hardwood floors, so I think I would check with the manufacturer.

  4. It all looks wonderful Lynn! You sound very happy with the results. If I were you I would continue to go barefoot (it's good for you) - how oily can feet be for heavens sake!?

  5. You are so cute, Henry! Your floors look lovely! I like the hammock idea! I need one of those!!!

  6. I'm with everyone here - what the heck are "foot oils" and for goodness sakes - they are FLOORS which are meant to be walked on.

    just enjoy.

    and poor little Henry - finding his own little space - he'll get used to it eventually

  7. I like it a lot, and I wouldn't bother about the skin oil and the floors, I mean even it is bad, the floors are for using, not for show.

  8. I've actually heard that about carpeting...some folks prefer you to take off your shoes before walking on their carpets, but actually carpet retains the smell of feet from the oils! P-yooo!!!!

    Bliss has a cabinet she hides in too. She went in there a lot during this recent heatwave! I can hear her opening and closing the different doors she can reach ;)

    The place is looking good Lynn!

    P.S. I know a lot about Feng Shui from my Vacaville friend who has done several homes incorporating FS elements. It really is fscinating...and it works!

  9. Henry looks unhappy in the first photo. I am glad he has found a place he can feel safe and sound even if you have to do more laundry. I don't know about foot oil on the floors. I would imagine over time you will be able to see where your traffic pattern is no matter how you pad around. Only sock feet would save that from happneing. Just think of it giving your home character. It appears that all is coming together beautifully.

  10. Oh, "Poor" Henry! His expression says, "Enough, already".....first you uproot me, then I return home and everything has a different smell....I am exhausted from having to re-mark everything and everyone.....and then, Mom keeps taking PHOTOS of me......I am going into the cupboard for a rest!"

    The house is coming along nicely...
    I have hardwood floors in my apt. and I have never noticed going barefoot damaged them....can't think why feet would harm matter's your home, be comfortable in it...and barefeet on a clean floor feels so great!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. It is so fun to see all the improvements going on. Keep us updated

  12. Oh my Lynn, you have double my energy right now! I love your new stuff and I adore Mr. Henry!


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