Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day of Bliss!

My daughter, Son-in-law and the two grand kids came for a visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We enjoyed the sun in our backyard for a while. They come from the Bay Area where they have been socked in by fog all week and were longing for SUN!!! Glad we could supply it. This is my soon-to-be six year old grand daughter, Pippi Longstockings! Playing with Grandma's bag of junk jewelry!!! She loved sorting it all out and wearing it too. The copper bracelet on her right wrist was my mom's her great grandmother's! ;-) Grandpa looking a tad serious, but that's just one of his looks. Doesn't mean much. He was happy as a clam as was I.
My daughter and son-in-law enjoyed the hammock!
Grand daughter asked if she could sew, "by hand"...
she drew a flower on a black fabric scrap and sewed around it. The quilt on the table is the first I ever did!
Grandson loves this doggie and so does Henry, but you'll have to wait till Wednesday to see that!
"I lost two teeth, the tooth fairy left $5 for the first tooth, and $1 for the second!"
When I said I only got twenty-five cents for mine, DD reminded me that 25 cents doesn't
buy anything anymore!
Later we went downtown to the town square and had lunch.
Then the kids got shaved ice for dessert~
Blue shaved ice leaves a blue tongue~!
We visited the Town Square library where we sat and read books.
One book I read to my GD had a bit about prejudice in the story and I got to explain this concept to her.
She understood and we both agreed it was a very very terrible thing.
The kids got to see Grandma's art hanging at the library,
which was a thrill for me!
Okay, enough, let's go!
The visits are always too short for me, but the kids were asking
when they can come back for a two night sleep over!
I loved seeing my sweet family walking my noontime walk...
Thanks for sharing my joy with me!


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  2. Glad you had such a good time Lynn!!!!
    The kids are adorable!

  3. What a lovely day. I can identify with that wonderful feeling you get when the kids are over and having fun and then they ask "when can we come back". Delightful

  4. delightful. how wonderful to have such a lovely family. they spell JOY.

  5. Looks like a lovely fun day. Your GD is so adorable. Both are very photogenic. So is your Daughter. I also see some more possible drawings by Lynn. :))

  6. What a wonderful and magical day. I don't have any kids, so was glad you brought me along on your lovely day. What a beautiful family you have. I can feel the pride you have in them, too.

    So what did they think of the remodel?

  7. What fun Lynn. I am sure the serious one was thrilled to have company too.

  8. I can 'see' it was a perfectly wonderful day!!!

  9. So happy to see such a sweet family having so much fun.

  10. Oh gosh...i know just how you feel!!! I have my little family here too! Isn' it just the best??? Nothing else can compare!

    Your GD's blue tongue was really good!!!!! LOL. She liked it! Hee hee hee!

  11. Your daughter looks just like you. Cute grandchildren & I love the blue tongue!

  12. Besides lazing around, reading a good book, you were really busy!

    Good to bring along the grandchildren to the local library, there are so much to learn and have fun too.

    You posted so much different sharing here. You must be busy for so many events....Life is so wonderful yeah!


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