Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Lot of Hot Air

It was a very busy Friday! We got up early to hit some estate sales to look for used furniture, but as we walked out the door there was a guy and a truck with a big vacuum cleaner... It took a few minutes to realize he was coming to our house and then we remembered that we had hired him to come and clean our chimney and dryer vents...
So DH went on to the estate sales and I let the guy in to do his job. While he was working he happened to be outside on the roof cleaning from the top of the chimney and called to me to come see
the hot air balloons that were flying quite low about a block away from our house! What a sight!
A young woman on a bicycle rode up and she and I stopped to gawk at the balloons that looked
as though they were about to land in a field down the street from us...
and sure enough DH came home later and said he was driving home and saw them landing in that very field.
After our Chimney sweep finished DH and I drove to Davis and visited a few thrift stores, a used furniture mart where he found a small chest of wooden drawers he wanted for his upstairs office; then we went to lunch for salmon BLTs; the magazine shop; Ace Hardware for some needed equipment for the house; and finally
we went over to the Davis Art Center and saw the show called Lessons From Things.
An artist friend, Hannah Hunter has four pieces of her wonderful collages in the show and she is talking about it on her blog here:
I'll post some photos from the show in a few days. Tomorrow our kids/grand kids are coming for a visit to see the house and to play with us so I am sure those photos will supersede all others!
Shabbat Shalom! Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. how lovely....i really love it when they happen to set down in our fields...nothing like that gorgeous big balloon in the brown fields of California in the wee hours of the morning, as it usually is around here.

  2. I was lucky enough to go up on a balloon ride, a wedding anniversary pressie from my husband. We went across the countryside of Kent, in the uk early in the morning, it was one of the best things I have ever done,

  3. It is always so exciting to see hot air ballons. Not a common sight around here. They are so big colorful and gives me such an uplifting feeling. Some day I want to ride in one. Have fun with your family this weekend.

  4. sounds like a jam packed day of fun things. The balloons are a nice surprise. Have fun w/the grandkids.

  5. Cool shots of the hot air balloon.
    So glad you didnt get off before the Chimney sweep came... and you still got to go have fun later. We had our chimney cleaned a few years ago and the guy came out in a white suit with a big tall black hat. What a sense of humor..That cracked me up. :)Have a fun weekend!

  6. I once went to a balloon festival, where almost twenty balloons took off. Very impressing.
    In the Netherlands, where I live, last week a balloon landed on a high way. Not quite how it is supposed to be.

  7. The balloons are impressive to watch. I'd love to go up in one, one day. They have them here in our wine making region (The Hunter Valley) where you can book a picnic, champagne and a balloon ride. Sigh!

  8. Here in Boise, Idaho we have a Hot Air Ballon Festival every year. They ususlly do it just befor carival days. They are beautiful!!!
    I love your pictures and I hope your husband came home with some really good stuff too. Balloons are a happy thing, they always make me smile. I am so glad you like my cottage pin cushions...I will show how they do at Bazaar in the fall.
    Your Mary

  9. Lynn,

    I love the moment I turn onto Covell Blvd., look behind me in the mirror towards the Vacaville hills and see THE HOT AIR BALLOONS. They are literally and figuratively uplifting.
    Loved your description of thrifting here in Davis...many thanks, too, for the link.

  10. Well, it looks like I could send a party of you up in hot air balloons and you would love it.
    I on the other hand would have to stay firmly planted on the ground taking photos of you all. That is too exposed for me to feel safe!
    Glad you liked the ride!


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