Friday, August 6, 2010

More Grateful Thursday on Friday!

Remember I told you earlier in the week that I took my friend Patty into a boutique to look around and I admired some jewelry there...and she scooped it up, bought it and handed it to me saying "Happy Birthday!"? Well here it is.
Pretty huh? I love it. Thanks again my very generous friend Patty!
Patty also brought me these Chinese Coins
because when she saw them she thought I
might be able to use them in my art!
Aren't they wonderful?
Thanks again Patty.
Another Patty, this one of Pak Art in Alaska sent me this card
with this delightful ATC for the
ABC ATC 2nd round
letter P card
Thanks Patty, I like it a lot!!!!
And Joss of Soulbrush send me this wonderful ATC
for the letter X
from the same group challenge
and she often throws in a few extras that are fun to use
later on in other art making
Thanks a bunch Joss!!!! I love it all. These are a few more Zen Tangles
or Lynn Tangles
I made while watching TV
last night.
They are so relaxing to do...
I'm glad it's Friday and I have a few days to enjoy the continuation of
getting our house in order. Henry seems to be adjusting.
Was fun watching his skid across the laminate this morning as he
ran after some toy real or imagined then run fast as can be
up the stairs looking down at me as if to say
Enjoy your Friday~!


  1. These pen doodles are really nice.Could be made/developed into something?

  2. beautiful jewels. What a kind and dear friend. Henry never booked on to learn to ice skate. But maybe in the end he'll enjoy the slide!

  3. Your friend is so sweet and generous. She knows you will make beautiful things with those coins. Mr Henry will learn to love the new floors no doubt. He will learn to dance through the house in no time, and enjoy it.

  4. My Chinese isn't wonderful,but it knows those Chinese coins are. I know you will use them well.

  5. what fabulous jewellery, i could never wear it- but i bet it looks great on you. always a pleasure to send you stuff cos i know we will see it again on your fabadbadoo creations.

  6. I LOVE that jewelry! Lucky you!
    Pretty cards and your Zens are terrific. I can't seem to master the "art", so I'll just admire yours.
    Happy housemaking this weekend.

  7. What a gorgeous set of jewelry....they will be perfect on you! What a wonderful friend!

    Your zentangles are great.....Joss (my new "Muse/Teacher" of art) has told me to try a few zentangles - and so I shall..soon.

    So happy to hear that Henry is adjusting.. to the house and to the floors....perhaps a few more small throw rugs will be in order -
    so he won't be a slippin' and a slidin'....

    Let us see you wearing those new jewels!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Kiss the "King"!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Beautiful jewelry and ATCs! Your life is full of beauty.

  9. What a lovely necklace with earrings. wow Patty is a wonderful friend. wow.
    Some wonderful Art sent to you too and your Zens are fabulous too. A fun post.

  10. What gorgeous jewlery ! You have a good friend there !
    Happy Friday !

  11. Henry seems to be providing all kinds of new entertainment for you. Your birthday gift is super. If I wore jewelry, I would like this set.

    Zentangles are NOT fun OR relaxing. They are frustrating and difficult. Unless of course, you are a painter or can grip a pen (grin). Happy Friday.

  12. Judy they are filling up a sketchbook so I guess that is something! ;-)

    Suki, Henry is adjusting slowly but surely. tonight he needed me to set aside my hand work and be petted and groomed. His fur was flying off him from the stress of the new screen door that he thinks is out to get him.

    Lisa I hope you are right about the dancing. We have a nice empty space in our entry way now and I call it our dance floor.

    Marty, we'll have to wait and see what inspiration comes to put those coins to good use.

    Soul, i think the jewels would look grand on you too; and yes, I will use your giftees in my art at some point or other.

    Katie Jane, I think zen tangles are a real letting go experience. I let go of all expectations and plans and just allow them to flow. Try it you'll like it, I bet.

    Robin we have set out a few little rugs for Henry and he does gravitate to them and to the furniture. But we like our new wide expances of floor space and he is learning to like that too.

    Kelly, how right you are!

    Cris, Thanks!!! Agreed.

    Kim, yes, and I hope yours was good as well.

    Elizabeth with all your talents I do not believe zentangles elude you!

  13. Very pretty jewelry! I'm glad you showed it :)

    That henry, he's a hoot!

    Love the atc's too Lynn!


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