Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sue Ann = Most Creative Friend (not in blogland)

Grateful Thursday
I am blessed with good friends...and Sam is one of the best, and one of the most creative! I qualified that by saying "not in blogland" as I sure did not want to step on anyones toes here~ Sam has been my friend for nearly as long as I have known DH...30 our guys were pals before we were their gals.
For my birthday this year Sam sent me this little box she made. I opened it up not knowing what to expect and then I found these and it's hard to share them with out feeling incrediably humble and honored I think you will see what I mean... each card has a front like this and a back...
And this little matchbook like book was on top of the
wrapped package
and this is Miss Sue Ann and me
on July 4th at her place in Oregon,
she took the photos that we both took that day,
turned them into black and white,
cut out the parts of me she wanted to show
and you have had the gift of seeing
what she produced
Thank you Sam
from the
bottom of
I love you so much~~~~


  1. This is just simply fantastic! Such a very thoughtful gift - what a wonderful friend you have!

  2. Your dear friend knows you well. That book is chocked full of love. You are mightly blessed.

  3. How beautiful...such a great friend!!!

  4. what a wonderful, personal, present. And a most talented and caring friend. Lucky you!

  5. WOW!! What a very talented and special friend. How does she come up with these cool ideas?

  6. What a lovely thoughtful present

  7. Hi Lynn,
    I like the new look to your blog. Beautiful book. It must have been so fun to receive and look at. What a lovely friend.

    I will put two free tickets into the mail for you today. The show is Aug 13, 14, 15 at Fort Mason in San Fran.
    Thanks Terry

  8. This is so beautiful and full of love and friendship ! It brought tears to my eyes. You are both obviously blessed by this connection you have. Here's to friendship ! Cheers !

  9. Wow! "CREATIVE" is an UNDERSTATEMENT! So much detail, so much love put into everything!

    What a wonderful friendship you have! And that's the greatest gift of all!

    Hugs to you and please kiss "The King" for me!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Your friend needs her own blog. This is a real tribute to your friendship and it's so very personal, which is always the best kind of gift.

  11. Thanks all for your sweet comments. Sam is the tops!
    And I agree, she should have her own art blog!! I will tell her you said so E.

  12. What a wonderful treasure and sentiment! I LOVE your gift!


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