Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Animal Wednesday and Back to Drawing

I know Henry, I know...I am so sorry this has all been so unsettling for you. You are for some reason scared by the new screen must seem like the shadow of a very large creature looming over you when you come to the front door and we open it a crack to let you in...the floors do not feel the same anymore and you like the fabric furniture better for afternoon naps... you are taking to spending the night out of doors and coming in the back door in the morning for food... I think you know we still love you, as we stop for a while our unpacking and take time to pet and groom you and give you our love and tuna juice...pretty soon now things will become more familiar and will be a little more back to normal. I promise, I promise. I know it's becoming more normal as I picked up a sketchbook last night and drawing came out of the end of my pens...
Probably the most abnormal thing that is happening here is DH's unloading so many books, bookcases, other furniture and clothing and his desire to find new parts for the vacuum cleaner and his using it on floors and walls and furniture (I swear I do not remember him vacuuming anything ever in the past 30 yrs!) His new leaning towards minimalistic ways, his seeming appreciation for all the new changes...who would have thought? Not I, that is for sure. This is a preview for Grateful Thursday! Thanks guy! You are a hoot and I love it (and you)!!!!


  1. Poor Henry! It sounds as though everyone is in need of settling in, not just Henry!

    I love the drawings Lynn,they're great!

  2. my DH totally changed his cleaning ways when we moved to a new real clean house. I couldn't get over it.

    smooches to Henry

  3. Tell Henry that everything will seem like normal in a few weeks--he's so sweet :)
    Love your drawings too!

  4. Hmmm...WOW!!!Love these pen and ink drawings.Maybe this is the start of a whole new creativity!!

  5. I like that, a man who can vacuum, and after years of not. Henry, I understand your distress, kitties don't like change. But hey, still the same house, same back yard, same mom and dad.

  6. Animals dont like to have their routine changed much. Now A mans routine changing is REALLY amazing.. Guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. LOL Just kidding. How Sweet of him to take an interest with you. Shows how much he loves you & the change of updating your home. Now those drawings are AWESOME. Glad to see you back to creating.

  7. As Suki said, animals (in particular - cats) do not like change.... but with all the love and attention you are giving "The King"..(not to mention the tuna juice), he will gradually reclaim his "Kingdom"....

    The house looks great, Lynn!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Henry's face says it all. He ain't happy. However it was all worth it to get your DH to vaccuum I would imagine. ;) Your drawings are marvelous. That Zen is WOW. Happy AW.

  9. Oh poor Henry has such an expressive face and looks so unhappy but that will all change. Good to see you drawing again.


  10. Poor Henry.......
    Yes this is a bit stressfull for cats, but Henry will bounce . I am sure...... Just some loving attention good food and no more changes in a while.

    Hugs for Henry!

  11. Henry looks so much like my Azzy ! He has the same expression very often since I brought home his new little all-black brother Cosmo. The new guy was supposed to be a friend for him but things haven't quite worked out that way...
    Loving the drawings.
    You are lucky to have a DH that vaccuums (mine does too once in a while) !
    Thanks for the visit today ! You made me smile !

  12. Look at that face!!!!!!!! I adore him. And no, cats don't like changes, esp in their environment but as Suki said, same house, same yard, same parents :)

    I thought this last move was going to kill my cat. She really became withdrawn and listless. Cross-country was enough, but 2 moves in 6 months was too much for both of us!!

    So glad to see those wonderful drawings!

    And hey, since my husband got rid of 3 dumpsters worth of hoarded stuff and we gave away 3 truckloads, he has become a helper in the house! I think once they learn to let go, then life opens up in a whole new way. Like clean floors and no clutter!!!

  13. Happy days!!!!! It's a whole new life in this new space!!!

  14. Poor, longsuffering Henry! He looks so dejected there! Good to see you feel relaxed enough to pick up the sketchbook, Lynn. Nice work!

  15. Yup, Henry doesn't look happy. He's got the most telling expressions. Hilarious.


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