Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grateful Thursday and Embroidery Joy!

This is the cutest little sewing machine that DH brought home and surprised me with a few weeks ago. He put it on the mantel over the fireplace and I spied it while we were eating dinner! Where did that come from? The little wheel goes around and the needle goes up and down...
and the treadle just like grandma's machine I used to have works too! I just love it!
It's all of 3 and a half inches tall and 3 inches wide.
I do have the most thoughtful DH on the face of the earth!
Remember our Nephew Allen who stayed with us for almost a week on his way to LA to make his way to stardom? I am embroidering him this pillowcase to encourage his coming back up to SF
to study at the American Conservatory Theater Master's Program! Hoping!!!
and on the back I just went a little crazy...
I love making French knots!
Soon he can rest his sweet head on it! To sleep perchance to dream, Allen! Happy Grateful Thursday.
My list for this week:
1. A new blog follower, who turns out to be a former HS classmate, whose new blog I discovered about his new ranch and horses, writing, poetry reading and much more which can be reached here. 2. A potential new art commission I will tell more about if and when it evolves. Just being asked is such a compliment!
3. Reading about the first day of school in first grade for my twin grandchildren!
4. Getting art ready for a new juried art show OUT OF TOWN!
5. Receiving my tickets for ART and SOUL in Portland in October!
a good week
good health
and yours are?


  1. Your nephew will love his pillow case. That is such a thoughtful gift.
    Your DH is a thoughtful man too. What a sweet gift.

    What am I thankful for?...too many things to list here.

  2. Oh that little sew machine is so wonderful!! What a guy!!!

  3. Oh, how sweet a gift! Great guy! and it was fun to visit your friends blog, envious life!

  4. Both are cool and thoughtful gifts. one for you and one for someone else. Seems like what you give away comes back in other ways. Cut little sewing machine.

  5. oooh I love that little gift, he is definitely a keeper, your glad to be part of your new found excitement, and would love one of these delightful pocket books too. that embroidery is absolutely gorgeous. lots to be thnakful for lynn.


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