Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birdy Wednesday: 3 Fabric Books and More Figs

It's hot where I live this week. 106 degrees F. yesterday! So I enjoyed looking at my photos from the ocean and beach of several weeks ago and found these sea gulls for Animal Wednesday! There are now Three Fabric Treasure Books completed seen here on top of my sewing machine!
buttons and yarn/strings hold pockets closed, beads are added to the ends of the strings
binding done with embroidery floss
Clips and beads add more embellishment
view from above
all the pockets now lined with fabric paper (see process for making it on earlier blog post)
inside back cover lined with fabric paper printed on using Transfer Artist Paper (TAP)
And then there is more manna from the fig tree...SWEETER than the best decadent candy!
Wishing you a sweet Wednesday!


  1. I'm in awe. I wouldn't know what to do with a sewing machine if you paid me, but this makes me want to learn!

  2. wow to it all - love the books and the figs make my mouth water.

    we've had rain for 4 days - pouring steady rain. We've needed it but at this point it's getting old.

    HAW lynn

  3. Your books are so clever. So colourful. Figs mmmm add some greek yogurt

  4. This is a yummy post Lynn. Love those little books. They are so full of your beautiful work. I can't imagine using them. I would want to just sit and read them over and over again. The gull seems to be saying Happy Animal Wednesday.

  5. I am no tonly in awe, I am overwhelmed with joy- what truly lovely books, if you were to sell them I would buy one. wow!

  6. Of all the things you created here, I enjoy looking it again and again!
    Thanks Lynn.
    Look like, you never tire of creating!

  7. Those books are as cute as the button they close with. Do they take alot of time to make? Love the way you cut the fig and showcased it. Makes me want to eat it right now.

  8. love your pocket books. i love this sort of thing and yours are especially thrilling. the fit, gorgeous and i can taste them!! Hee hee. Hot, I'd not mind a bit of that.

  9. Lynn,
    I am not "friends" with sewing machines... took a class in school many years ago....we made aprons. At semester's end, we were supposed to "model" our aprons....Sister Flo pulled me aside and said, "Dear, I KNOW you really don't want to model your apron.....why don't you be the Commentator instead"? Yes, that's how disasterous it was....but - I ADORE your work.....gorgeous creations!

    FIGS..... I love them, with yougurt, with heavy cream - or just "au natural"......yummy!

    Kiss Henry V for me!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Lynn the fabric books look great. Real treasures.
    An the fruit...I never tasted one. Never ever seen one here.

  11. Diane it is such fun. And believe me I was a disaster in 7th grade home ec. sewing class.

    Mim I am sending you sun as we speak!

    Chris, glad you like the books. Here, have a fig!

    Lisa, yes, the books are to "read" through touch and feel. A real textile experience!

    Soul, anything is possible!

    Yoon See, never ever tired of creating, if not in real life than in my mind!

    Cris, each book probably has large parts of three days into it.

    Suki, happy to hear you like my books!!! Sending you figs and heat virtually anyway!

    Robin, I LOVE your apron story! Some day I'll share my 7th grade home ec. sleeveless blouse disaster story! Oh, I think I just did!

    Corryna never seen a fig? How sad!!! I wish I could send you a bushel. Thanks, glad you like my books!

  12. These little books are just adorable! So unique and fun! Hey...those figs look so good, too!!! Hehehe!!!

  13. Awesome books Lynn!!!!
    Do you ever sleep .........;)

    Have a nice day!

  14. lynn! these are AWESOME! every small piece is its own story.

    i would buy one too for sure if or when you hanker to sell them. wow wow wow!!!!

  15. Wonderful books!!
    The figs are a wonderful piece of art as well but I don't like the taste of them. Well, maybe in fig newtons!


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