Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The SketchBook Project or What Lynn Does When She is Bored

I came home early from work today!
I had no plans.
I cleaned up my work area (putting folded fabrics into their bins in the garage)
I watched the tail end of a fairy tale movie.
I dozed.
I got on line.
I found a project called The Sketchbook Project. It's on a website called They say they are revamping their website, but you can go to the Projects page and sign up for this one if you are interested. You can also get there from the logo on my sidebar.
The people running the site are in their early 20's. There are two of them.
The gist of this project is you send them $ and they send you a moleskin sketchbook.
You draw in it.
And then you send it back to them by Jan. 15, 2011 and the books go on TOUR all over the country
(see pic of map on my side bar) and they live in a library in Brooklyn, NY and people with library cards can check them out and "read" them.
And they give YOU a library card to track your sketchbook in the library and when it is on tour.
I believe you can put your book up for sale too if you want.
Prices range from $5 to a $1 million. Some people have great senses of humor, or they are really really good artists.
I just thought it would be a fun thing to do.
I hope my Pay Pal had the funds to cover this project!
I better not come home early from work too many days a week.


  1. This project is in my plans for next year and I mean it!!

  2. I have seeen this project. It sounds like fun. I just can't imagine you being bored Lynn. You are such a busy lady.

  3. Interesting concept...I briefly visited the site and will have to return, just to look around.

  4. hmmm. what fun. I hope they dont get lost like our round robin book! have fun w/it.

  5. I just got my book in the mail!! I hope I didn't take on too much.
    Caroline is doing it too!

    My theme is "raining cats and dogs."

    What's yours???

  6. I have seen others doing this and it looks fun. I am sure you will do a killer book with your fiber art. Or will it be fiber art only? What IS your theme?

  7. Diane, I look forward to seeing your sketchbook pages "next year"!

    Lisa, perhaps it was just "laid back time" which I am not so used to are right. Not REALLY bored!

    Teri, it seems an interesting project(s) these kids have taken off on!

    Suki, they bar code them, but of course that can't insure they won't not be returned to the library!
    Me too, and I hope all our books show up sooner or later as well.

    Lolo, my theme is "Down Your Street" I felt that leaves open the possiblity of a life time of streets to go down.

    Cris, I doubt it will be only fiber art, but the muse is yet to decide and I imagine each page will be a surprise even to me as they unfold.
    Theme: Down Your Street.


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