Friday, August 27, 2010


I had such a fun day today!
I love my days off from my wage earning job. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate my career and especially love it when people get better and tell me how much I helped them. That is a grand prize of satisfaction for a job well done! And that DID happen this week too~!
All the more reason to treat myself on my days off, right? RIGHT!!!
So today I did. First I enjoyed a morning at home...swifting my new floors (which was really fun...I am amazed anew at how pretty they look!) Have you ever been obsessed by floors? It's crazy I know, but a wonderful kind of CRAZY~! Then I gathered my things needed to go run errands. First to the post office to mail Kaeli's birthday gift [the fabric pocket book] (and a few other parcels)...(This is NOT Kaeli) Then to the library where I picked up my art that has been hanging there the past several months! I got LOTS OF Positive FEEDBACK on how it was appreciated, oohed and ahhed over by patrons, etc. Photos of it taken by cell phone camera etc.
That feedback is worth all the tea in China!
I was very close to the thrift store so I had to go in. I hadn't been other than to drop things off for donations in a very long time. I got some FREE BOOKS, lots of tissue paper for fabric art making; and other odds and ends for crafting!
And finally I went to Michael's for art supplies for ART AND SOUL. I had some coupons. I LOVE Michael's COUPONS!
I got a $20 art journal for $10.99! (45% off) And I got Acrylic Matte at 40% off! And acrylic paints were only 77 cents instead of $1.39 or more~~~ I got some other cute inexpensive doo-dads for my treasure pocket books! I am saving my list of things I need for A & S for other days with other coupons! I am a smart shopper! LOL
And THEN...I took myself out for Espresso Gelato! (see first photo) ANd it was GOOD!!!!!!
My energy level was sky high long before I ate it. And now I am REALLY FLYING!
Happy Friday!!!!
I have three orders for my treasure pocket books so will be busy sewing all weekend long!!!!!!! (the little kid photos are old photos of a fun ice cream day with them...all the photos just show my jazzed, happy, elated state of being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. What a day!!! I like the gelato part best! LOL.

  2. what a great day, knew it was the twins straight away. yum yum icecream -lurv it,

  3. well goodness - glad you are so happy, great way to end a busy productive week.

  4. Fun day, and sounds like the weekend will be too--hope you enjoy it!

  5. you are just amazing. wish i had a soupcon of your zest. glad you are having fun topped with gelato!

  6. it's so nice to be appreciated for what we do no matter what it is ;)

    The gelato looks yummy!

    I wish there was an Art & Soul near me. I'd love to attend and get jazzed and inspired.

  7. If I ate one of those Gilatos would I get as energetic as you??? lol What a fun time. But its the postive feed back thats so wonderful here. Feed back on people wanting your work and taking cell phone shots of your work. :))) Life is good!

  8. I can tell you are all jazzed. Hope that wasn't just a sugar high (grin). Nice that you have already sold some of your books and have orders for others. Way to go.

    I used to have hardwood floors and I obsessed over them. I know how you are feeling, believe me. Now I have nasty carpets and it takes forever for me to want to drag out the vac and clean them. Have a great weekend.

  9. Eliz, it started out as a "natural high"...only a tiny bit manic...but the gelato which was not at all necessary really added to it big time. I did NOT sleep last night well at all! Read till 1 a.m. Tossed and turned. My own darn fault. I do know better, but sometimes I just want to eat gelato and it's okay that I paid for it. I bet I sleep like a baby tonight! ;-)
    I was more even keeled today too.


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