Sunday, August 29, 2010

Student And Member Show at Vacaville Art Gallery

Saturday was another busy day for me which included a stop at the local art gallery to see the latest student and member show. I had a delightful talk with artist Estelle Kirkendall, who works part time at the gallery. Estelle had told me she painted in acrylics, but this was the first time she had entered one of her paintings in a show. I was interested in the Native American woman she painted wearing an elk tooth dress, much like those we'd seen in museums in the mid west on our car trip travels. Estelle shared with me that she was part Apache and Tarahumara. The details of the beads and hair on this woman are simply wonderful. I sure hope to see more of Estelle's work in future shows. Thank you Estelle for taking so much time to talk to me about your art and life.
There were a few other visitors there while I was there in this room with other members art.
And on this wall you might see two of my pieces that you are familiar with. The fabric group work "Stone Soup" on the left, and watercolor "High School Girls Walking" on the far lower right.
This is the fabric quilt made by 15 artists from around the world that I pieced together.
I like how the outdoor reflection of trees on the left of this frame complemented the painting so well.
My watercolor, "High School Boys Walking" had a nice wall space too!
You will recognize this painting from my blog banner.
The highlighted artists were this father (Jack Shiner) and son duo, the teen (Frank Shiner) being a mere 15 year old, and below you see his art. It is stupendous!
These were done by the father.
Perhaps this article about the boy is legible when enlarged. I hope so.
It's a good show. I'm glad I stopped in.
I never quite believe I am seeing my own work on actual walls in a show!
Who me?


  1. Wow Lynn how inspiring this must be to see your own work there.!
    Love those watercolors! I have said it before, they are great!!!!
    Love that quilt of all those different artists.
    Wow what a wonderful day this must have been.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  2. Such excitement. I am glad your art has such a showcase.

  3. Wow, some wonderful art here. Yours look great where they are hung. I once had a piece hung near the bottom of the stand at a local show and I don't think anyone ever looked at it!

    The Native American woman painting is wonderful, as is the work of Frank Shiner. Thanks for letting us look at these.

  4. Your work looks fabulous there. You got excellent spots for your work this time too. What is that above the stone soup quilt? Is that something you wrote about the quilt and framed? Estelles Painting is awesome and so are the Father and sons Art works. Thanks for taking us on the tour.

  5. Thank you for the tour Lynn. Lovely show. Congrats! xoxo

  6. Oooo, what a nice show. You are right about that teen being a great artist. Of course I see where he gets his talent.
    I love your "walking" paintings. Glad you had a good day.

  7. I love seeing your art on the wall! It must be how I feel when I see my book on a shelf in the store. It's so gratifying to know that other people want what you have created. Good job!

  8. Well, first let me say I love your 'Teenage Boys Walking'!!! I think it is just fantastic! Next, I love that your stuff was in the show, and that really awesome quilt!!! To your question of "Who me"?, I say "YES, YOU"!!!!! You are great!!! Congratulations!!!

  9. Thanks Red.
    Marianne, it's more unbelievable than not. And you are too too kind. Thanks.
    Lisa, much appreciated.
    Cathy, glad you like it. Yes, I too have been mis-hung...once above a doorway so high a ladder was needed to see; once above a window same view. ;-) That's why I was pleased this time.
    Cris, yes, a written explaination of the groups endeavor. And names of all the artists.

    Annie, thanks for coming to see.
    KatieJane, glad you could make it too.

    Pak Art, well I don't know if they WANT mine, but it does feel good to know it is being seen.

    Julie, thanks for your kudos and support. Makes me feel good! ;-)

  10. Hi Lynn, loved looking at your artwork and that of the other artists. Congratulations.


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