Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Fun!

It was another beautiful sunny day, but not hot so I decided it was perfect for making more fabric paper. I tore four big sheets of muslin this time and slathered them in glue/water mixture with a wide paintbrush then layered on the torn tissue papers and brushed wet water/glue on top. Then I laid them out on the hammock to dry. And dry they did.
This is an example of how the fabric paper is used as the lining for a cover on one of the little fabric pocket books I make. I had four orders for them and got busy this weekend.
I finished two of the four. But since the buyers all purchased via email and have not advertised their purchases, nor have they of course received them as yet...
I am showing just a few hints of what they look like...
as they should be surprised when they arrive...don't you agree?
It's fun and relaxing to make them. Takes a couple to three days to do two. I especially enjoy the handwork in the evening sitting in the recliner with feet up. I also liked hunting for special do dads that seemed a special touch for that particular person(s). I hope they like them as much as I liked making them.
Now to get started on the next two!


  1. How could they not?! These are wonderful, and each one unique from the other--well done!

  2. Hi Lynn, see your still keeping busy. How's things with thwe new floor? I haven't been around much for commenting and it's ages since I blogged. Will have to put that right.
    Always enjoy coming to read what you have been up to.

  3. These are AWESOME. Funny, I just made some fabric paper too (last week) I didn't talk about it in my recent post - but I guess I should. I love what you've done with yours and I love your little beads. As for WIPs - oh you probably have tons of them and just don't know it! WIP = Works in Progress!!! Have a great week Lynn.

  4. what a fascinating process, can't wait to see another lovely item from lynnie.xx

  5. wonderful little pocketbooks. lucky owners. lovely fabric paper too. nice to have the hammock to lay the paper on if not your body.

  6. What beauties. I'm still confused about the insides, but guess you will eventually show that, too. I had no idea how long it took to make these. I am in awe.

  7. Lynn, these are gorgeous!!! They must have looked amazing drying in the sun. And the little beads area awesome too! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. Lynn, what wonderful treasures you have created. I am sure each person who has bought one will be thrilled! They are truly filled with "Lynn Magic" and Love!

    Kiss Henry V!

    Hugs to you,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Diane, thanks, they are unique and fun to do.

    Judith, nice to see you again. The new floors are divine! You can scroll back a ways to see the house progress report(s) if you so desire.

    Cathie, I did not make those particular beads. They are from "BeadforLife"
    an organization busy eradicating poverty one bead at a time. Made by women in Africa.

    Soul, yours is next in line!

    Suki, the body did make it into the hammock as well, after the paper had dried! ;-)

    Eliz, do you mean the inside of each pocket? When I made my grand daughters I stuffed them with coins, paper money, coupons, and affirmations. I am leaving these mostly empty for the owners to stuff as they please.

    Terri K, the fabric paper when wet looks stunning! Not bad dry either.
    (if I do say so myself)

    Robin, thanks so much. I'll Kiss Henry V for you next he passes by.

  10. Those colors really pop in the first photo. Should be very pretty inside those pocket books. This one you showed is very pretty from what I can see. I love the colors of it & the little doo dads you added.
    Fun to get peeks here and there of your projects. In time I am sure we will see them all.

  11. Of course they will love them. Especially with the personal touches.

  12. Hi Lynn, Heard from Jeri (Pope) Kemmer. She said you are very talented. Yes, you are! She also told me your last name (in HS). I remember you very well. Great work here as always.

  13. Cris maybe the folks who bought the pocket books will show them and what they plan to do with them on their blogs after they receive them.

    Brian, nice that we have a connection through Jeri! I did not remember her from HS either, but met her at a small gathering of former students grown (up/older?) and we have become fast friends ever since! Thank you for your kudos for my work here. ;-)

  14. that fabric paper is beautiful. I love your colors!

  15. Elspeth yours is being born today!


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