Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloomin' Hammock Flowers on Tuesday

My next door neighbor has trees in his backyard that hang over our shared fence and the wind seems to blow their lovely flowers onto my hammock... These photos I took are just as they were found, not arranged by me, but by the wind...
in beautiful pictures that pleased me no end.
I had an absolutely LOVEly day today at home alone (well, me and the cat, but he spends so much time outdoors I hardly saw him at all).
I had time to tidy up the place; make some calls; do a little creating...
and still had time to take a good book out side to read while laying in my hammock!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


  1. Very beautiful, the colours are so good together! Thank you for the kind comments on my blog :-) I have just starting a new class at photografi - editing in photoshop, so I don´t know how much time I´ll have for bloging. But from time to time I´ll updating ! Have a nice fall !!!

  2. You have the prettiest debris EVER!!! LOL! I sent you an e-mail, BTW! Hey...where do you get all your energy? Dang.

  3. I love these colors together.. How fun to find hearts all arranged for you by nature. Sounds like a lovely day indeed!

  4. Isn't nature the best artist? Lovely post and gorgeous photos. I love the leaf in the final photo that looks just like a heart.

  5. glad you are having a relaxing day to putter.! thank you so much for my surprise pocket book. I will email but also posted about it today.

  6. "No one" designs with more beauty and love than Mother Nature!

    Gorgeous shots! (Henry doesn't know what he missed!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Nice heart shaped leaf at the end.

  8. I saw a couple of hearts in these pictures. Sounds like you had a marvelous day.

  9. Those flowers would look pretty dried in a bowl....or could you incorporate them into your fabric paper?


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