Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Animal Wednesday!

It's Animal Wednesday and I found this swingin' frog on my afternoon walk yesterday! Right after I'd received word that two of my handmade "pocket books" had reached their new homes...
each decorated in a manner making them viable contestants for Animal Wednesday (I just realized!) ;-)
I seemed to be quite smitten by trees...
this one calling out to me to "STOP!" and take it's picture, to which I immediately complied...
"Ah", it said, "here you see the very first signs of fall"...
And I couldn't agree more with this flag that assures me what I already know to be true
that "Life is Sweet"!
Of course Animal Wednesday would not be complete without a mention of his highness
Henry V...caught here snoozing in the sun.
Wishing you good day and an enjoyable week!


  1. Loved the photo's the cat seems so contented

  2. that fat contented cat makes me feel cozy (don't tell him I said fat, how about Well Padded)

  3. Some great photos here. I love that house on the cover of the Pocket book. and I love that foggy swining. I actually miss palm trees. Those tall Hollywood/Palm springs ones. Of course always nice to see Henry. :)

  4. LOL.. well I also love the Froggy swinging too!

  5. You're right, what would Animal WEdnesday be without Henry. Love that little swinging froggy too.


  6. That cat is generally always quite content!
    The well padded cat is very content indeed.
    Foggy Swining is a good name for a new song someone should write it.

  7. A very contented kitty is Henry. Your pocketbooks are marvelous. I hope your week is going well. HAW.

  8. I love your magical purses......and I positively adore Henry!!!!He is "The King"!

    Hugs to you both,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Your artwork is amazing Lynn. I love that flag - might make one for myself, there should be more reminders out there that life is sweet!

    Your Autumn is coming and we are just gliding into a warm Spring here in Oz!

  10. Your fabric work is so alive Lynn!!

    And you know I'm smitten with Henry V ;)

    As for me and the way I'm feeling here back on the east coast, autumn can't come soon enough!!!

  11. Your books are great Lynn, so colourful! Beautiful pic of HenryV! Love the crossed paws!

  12. Such gorgeous pictures!!!
    Hug for Henry!
    Love those books Lynn!!!!


  13. I wonder if Henry V knows he's a celebrity.


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