Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile This Week On Grateful Thursday!

This is my beautiful oldest grand daughter, the one who recently went off to college at age 16. She'll be 17 this month! I have no idea how she is doing there, haven't heard, or seen anything she has written on facebook. Perhaps she is too busy studying to write on facebook? This is where I found Henry this morning. Obviously DH left his drawer open and Henry found it and decided it made a comfy bed!
I like finding shapes to photograph...
and flowers caught in spider webs
and trees that look like they are dancing... I found this big bin of leather scraps at the thrift store (my first big spend there since we switched from buying to donating.) I wonder what I can turn them into?
I am grateful


  1. What a lovely post - your granddaughter looks so happy there! As does Henry V!! That reminds me I have a pic of one of our cats posing with a pair of underpants on his head!! (He was in the cupboard so we put them there for the photo!)
    I like the cicles photos too. What will you do with all those scraps, I wonder?

  2. Such an uplifting post Lynn. Happy Day.

  3. lynn your gratitude comes through strong in all your posts!! thank you.

  4. I just love your gratitude list....

  5. Love this post Lynn. You DO have a lot to smile about! Beautiful daughter, cat in the underpants (!) and what a bag of leather scraps!!!

  6. I always get cheered up here. thanks!

  7. your grandaughter has a lovely smile, loved your photos. Henry looks so comfy, leave a draw or cupboard open and a cat will find somethin to sleep on

  8. What a beautiful girl!!! Smart cookie too!!

    I love how cats just find what they need. The Universe seems to provide for Henry V just fine!

    Hmmm, there's no telling or guessing what you'll make from those scraps! I'm sure your muse will guide you, as always :)

  9. What a lovely Grand daughter. Such an infectious smile. Love that Henry. They do find interesting places to lay and they keep changing spots like out in the wild if you notice. I can see some interesting things out of that leather made by Lynn coming soon. The wheels are churning already I bet. :))

  10. Lovely Grandaughter!

    That Henry..... he always puts a smile on my face...what a cat!

    Love the photos of the flowers caught in the spiderwebs....pure magic!

    As for your leather scraps....hmmmm seems they might be an interesting addition to your next set of "magic" purses......

    Wonderful post, Lynn!

    KISS HENRY for ME!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. leather bound sketch books! leather stuffed animals - I'm picturing a brown kangaroo. Don't know how to sew, don't want to and don't know how hard it would be to do....but I can picture it in my mind.


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