Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Art and Soul

You will have to hold this photo in front of a mirror to see that it spells out "Art and Soul" 2010! I am getting ready (a month ahead of schedule, but that is my way!) to attend this art retreat in Portland, Oregon. I have signed up for two days of classes. Remember those art aprons I made from my Son in Law's old jeans last year at this time and sold on ETSY and the two I made for my little grand kids? Well, the list of necessary supplies for Art and Soul included an apron so I whipped one up on my sewing machine for myself using jeans I still had from the bundle SIL gave me. I used fabric ink marking pens to draw on the apron...and as seen above I splashed and sprayed fabric paint on it too to make it look well used!
This holey knee needed a patch so I used this heart fabric that is going into some of the recent pocket books I am making to back the loose threads!
You can see how busy I have been in my sewing area/art studio...It becomes messy while working, but I can clean it up pretty fast when done or between projects. Please note beautiful floors! ;-)
These are my tickets for Art and Soul. I have registered for two classes with Judy Wise:
One is called Road Map To The Creative Life. We will be making art journals in that class.
The next day I take Judy's class called Mix It Up With Wax. Here I will be learning the art of Encaustics. Both something I've wanted to do for a long time. (Well probably two years since I got these ideas in my head from reading about them on Judy's and other's blogs and in magazines like Cloth, Paper, Scissors.
Here are my tickets and my new sketchbook I will be turning into that journal... I have packed two plastic tool boxes with my art supplies....paint brushes, pens, white pens, ex-acto knife,
acrylic paints, Soft Gel Medium, Gesso, acrylic matte medium, pencils, glue stick, paint pallet.
oil based crayons..........
I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you will hear more about this from me as the time draws nearer.
In the meantime wishing everyone a pleasant weekend. What are your plans?


  1. I am so envious Lynn!! It all sounds wonderful. I'd be preparing now too - much excitement for you! I love your apron!

  2. you are going to come back so enthused and full of ideas that you are practically going to pop! love the apron.
    we are having a small hurricane here this weekend so are going to huncker down and enjoy the rain.

  3. Oooh, I loved that you showed everyone your preparations for Art and Soul--this would be my dream!! I'm very excited for you!

  4. Oooh, I loved that you showed everyone your preparations for Art and Soul--this would be my dream!! I'm very excited for you!

  5. How exciting to have a new class to look forward to. With all of those supplies you will be quite busy during those two classes. I can't wait to see all the fun projects you complete. You will be so inspired. Everyone there will want one of your aprons.

  6. You are so lucky to be going to Art and Soul. I hope you share a lot of photos, so I can experience the retreat vicariously. I love that apron. Leave it to you to be ready, too.

    I would have been here sooner to see what I've missed and to talk about yesterday's post, but I have had a serious computer meltdown. I may have it fixed, at least I hope it is.

    I would be honored to have you share my link with your uncle who served in the South Pacific. What a lovely comment you left. I really appreciate it.

  7. OK, before I forget, I want to just say how lovely your new floors are!!!

    OK, now I want to say I LOVE THAT APRON you made for yourself! How cool. I am going to make one for me too and my grandson! I just have to find time to pull out the sewing machine (hate sewing, but you encourage me)!

    Have fun at your two classes!!! Are you ever teaching any yet??? You sure would be a fantastic teacher...

  8. You really are all set to go. To bad you have to wait a month yet. But the time will go fast. Thats a fun apron and I bet you get lots of people wanting one. Hope you have enough old jeans left. :)

  9. this sounds so fun and exciting Lynn. You will be a fashion hit in your apron and leave with many apron commissions I'll bet! I like to get ready for things early too.

  10. what a lotta fun. I love my arty apron that i bought from lynn, and wear it quite often (wore it a lot in the class doing art, the kids loved it)

  11. Thanks Patti.

    Mim, stay dry and safe! I am ready to be "enthused". ;-)

    Diane, come on board!

    Lisa, perhaps I'll give it away at the end of the class that is if anyone drools over it. LOL

    Eliz, I do hope your computer woes are behind you now.

    Julie, you are too kind. I do hope you make those aprons as I know you will find it fun, and perhaps gain a whole new outlook on that sewing machine. It has so many uses.

    Cris, I probably have enough jeans left for another apron. and there is always the thrift store FULL of old jeans for very good prices.

    Suki, wouldn't that be grand if it happened? Just know I am going to have a delightful time.

    Soul, I am happy to think of us wearing our aprons across the pond from one another making our art.


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