Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surgery Center!

I spent some time yesterday at the Surgery Center. This is where you check in. No, I did not have a broken arm, nor did I have an ingrown toe nail needing attention. I was HANGING MY ART at the surgery center where it will be shown (or as Cris says, "on loan" ) for a couple of months! Just like it was at the Town Square Library in July and August. That's my "California Gold" and "Seeds of Hope I" behind this hospital nurse. I have art in the waiting room, along with another artist's photography, she and I are both there
as members of the local art gallery. These are 2 of Anne's beautiful photos.
"Life's Crazy Pieces" hangs there too.
"Black and White Frayed Roses" got a huge wall in the entry way. So she is the first piece to be seen upon entering the Center.
I like these two smaller pieces in the front office. They will be safe there and still can be seen well from the other side of the front desk.
"Swirls" is enjoying a whirl in the huge sunny waiting room.
It looks dynamite on that yellow wall.
My "grand kids" watercolor is hanging in a pre/post surgery room.
All of my watercolors are in one of these little rooms with a bed, and two chairs.
It's where the patient waits before surgery and after before going home.
I think this is a center for same day surgery and then they are released.
I hope my art cheers them up a bit before & after their ordeals there. I'm really excited to be having another "show"!
One of the hospital workers was head over heels in love
with all my fiber art pieces. She just went on and on about how much she liked them.
They and I are always happy to hear such positive feedback.


  1. Wow your work looks great in any place Lynn!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. What a good idea to have art in some of these types of places. I have sat in those boring rooms before. It would have been nice to have something to occupy ones mind other than a worrisome thing.

  3. fabulous. i love seeing art in hospitals and dr's offices. softens things. and your fabric pieces are so interesting to look at and colorful to cheer folks.

  4. Your art is beautiful hanging there so full of hope and cheer for all to see. Prayers to you on your upcoming surgery.

  5. It's true, some Dr's surgeries and hospitals have really terrible art. Yours will be so uplifting!

  6. Super post. Love the colors in these, but I'm especially partial to the composition and color of the one pictured above "Swirls" that is shown in the first photo.

  7. Wow.. your work looks lovely on the walls there. they had such a cheery feeling. I wish they were in our Surgery Center where I am going to have surgery soon. One really needs something cheery to look at when going thru Surgery even waiting on someone in surgery.
    Much better here then in the Car dealership. There all they are interested in is the latest car. :))

  8. I love your work! What a great place to display your art to brighten someone's day!

  9. I absolutely hate having to be in any Drs. Office....all the pain, the fear and even the boredom.....BUT....seeing your beautiful, bright art on those walls will bring smiles and joy to those who will be sitting there...

    How wonderful and generous of you to bring some of your work there!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Marty's Fiber, I hope you are sending prayers tongue in cheek. Go back and re read the blog. I am NOT having surgery!!! I am WELL.
    My Art is hanging at the Surgery Center.

  11. Well, neat! I love the way your art is getting out there, seen, bought, etc.

  12. it's always such a blast seeing the latest venue for your works of art!!

    I recognized one of Anne's photos as "China Cove" in Point Lobos. One of my favorite places on earth. I've also done and sold a painting of it ;)

  13. Your art work looks so lovely in that setting! I'm sure it will sooth many a soul who comes in for their scary procedures!!! This is just the best, Lynn!!! Congratulations!!!

  14. Congrats Lynn, it's great that many could adore your art now, beautiful art that heals:)

  15. Lovely! and yes, how rejuvenating and heartfelt your work looks in that setting, warm and human!


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