Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday: New Artist Discovered! New Beads Gift! Farmer's Market! New Figs! Fiber Photo Albums Started! Sketchbook Intimidation!

What a full day Saturday was! I went downtown to Rose Ann at her Main Street Salon, who has been doing my hair for the past 17 years to have my hair done! We always ALWAYS have a ton of laughs together. I LOVE Rose Ann! When I got done and went outside I heard MUSIC! So I followed it to the Town Square down the street. There were all sorts of stands set up selling art of all kinds! A charcoal portraitist actively drawing; David Peterson was outside painting in watercolors (my workshop teacher of a few months back you might recall); women selling purses, clothing, hand made jewelry. And a young man selling art photos! His name is Ky Dally and he has a website here. Go there and see his work You WILL NOT be disappointed. He is fantastic. He is 23 yrs young and has been doing photography he tells me for 17 months! He is very personable and generous with his information. I really enjoyed chatting with him and am very happy with the three post cards and one matted photo I purchased from him.
Please go to his link to see these and many other wonderful photos on a slide show. They are brilliant!
Ky, it was a real pleasure to meet you! This packet of 100 beads came in today's mail from Julie in Florida! She made them from me by wrapping paper strips around a toothpick and then shining them up with nail enamel. I cannot imagine the patience needed to make these small beads. And I know they will beautify my fiber work for some time to come. THANK YOU JULIE!!!!!
I was also right there at the farmers market so I picked up the most juicy oranges, peaches and plums and brought them home to eat...
adding this fruitful bounty to my freshly picked figs. I took two quart sized bags of these to my next door and across the street neighbors!
Once home I started a new project. My soon to be six year old grand children will be celebrating later this month. I am making each a fabric photo album. These are some of the first steps:
Torn muslin pages; photos transferred to TAP (transfer artist paper);
machine sewing the photos to muslin backed with batting. Stay tuned for the next steps that will make them even more decorated.
Now, this sketchbook from THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT has been sitting naked on my desk for the past few days. Can you believe I have been too intimidated by it to begin? Yes, it is true.
It has a theme: "Down Your Street". Is that MY street or YOUR street? Does that mean I have to draw streets? Or can I tackle this in a wider birth of imagination and suggest that absolutely ANYTHING can be Down Your/My Street?
I guess we will both have to stay tuned to see what I do with this. We will watch to see how Lynn gets herself OUT of this state of INTIMIDATION and on to drawing or otherwise creating in these pages...due date for sending it in is Jan. 15, 2011. So I have a little bit of time to get going.
! Happy Sunday!
On our way to SF to see more ART!
There WILL be photos!


  1. lynn....I want some of those drugs you're on!!

    happy weekend and Happy New Year

  2. What a fun packed and fruitful post. Loved the postcards and new art. Your new beads are gorgeous. Having made a few myself, I know the patience that is needed for this and sealing them in nail polish. WOW. I bet your neighbors love YOU with all the fruit. Happy Labor Day tomorrow, too.

  3. you are lucky to live in such an open, creative, art making, fruit growing town. I love it. I love going on your many adventures with you. Have fun in SF

  4. Lynn, You are never bored!! Looks like another wonderful day in CA.
    :) Those beads by Julie are wonderful!! Such patience. Looking forward to seeing them on your projects.

    I love the albums for the kids. I wish I could sew! I have so many great ideas :(

    A lovely, bountiful post :)

  5. Wow.. those are fantastic photos. That guy has talent. I will have to check out his website. All that lovely fruit. I keep forgetting to go to our Farmers Market as they moved it across town now. It used to be right by us. Have fun in SF. Of course there will be lots of pictures. :)) Lovely ones too!

  6. I forgot to mention how much I love those beads. What a lot of work went into them and your ablums are going to be fantastic as well as the UNKNOWN piece of work you are thinking on. :) & yeah I agree with Mim. I want some of those drugs too. lol

  7. That street could be what runs through your mind any time, any where. You have been blessed with colorful beads. Will be looking forward to seeing the Grand's albums.

  8. You have to be the busiest, most prolific artist I know! I can't imagine living your life, but I love watching you do it! :)
    That's amazing that you have your art in the medical center now. You do get around!
    Try to get some rest!

  9. Amazing Ky, Amazing beads, Amazing fabric photo book, Amazing figs and you are a very busy, and amazing artist!

  10. I looked at the SKetchbook project site - it says NOT to be conformed too much by the subject and to just have fun! I think it can be your street, any street, or a street on the moon. Whatever you want!

  11. Thank you shout out. It means a lot to means a lot to me. It makes me feel so good, that you really enjoyed them. I found you site yesterday, and I was very impressed. Your creative is great keep it up. I like how you shot my red window, you can actually seen your reflection, which is kind of arty, I don't know if you ment to do that. lol, but I like it. Thank you again! Have a great one.

  12. Ky, about the red window. I did not PLAN to have my reflection in your red window, but when I saw it after shooting I decided to leave it. Glad it was okay with you and seen as "arty". ;-) A collaboration! Fun.
    Glad you found my blogs and hope you visit often.


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