Friday, August 20, 2010

More San Francisco and Craft/Art

More art seen at the American Craft Council Show in San Francisco last weekend...
dolls by Oddest Goddest Barbara Koppang
Mixed Media Collage by Kathryn Stotler textile on painted canvas
Deborah Foutch
My art in MY house!
Hope you are going to have an enjoyable weekend.
DH and I are off to the countryside to
hear live country music.
I am sure photos will follow soon.
Stay tuned!


  1. It must be so inspiring to live where you can go out and see art any day.

  2. ah san franciso. what a place. have fun on your outing. i have fun vicariously with you.

  3. I'm always delighted when you take us to places I've never been and will probably never visit. I especially enjoyed the Kathryn Stotler piece. You go so many wonderful places. Have a great weekend in the country.

  4. Thats the one thing I miss about moving from SO CAL..there WAS so much Art around every corner. Not so here. So go and enjoy it all. Some great photos of peoples art you captured. I must go check out these artists you posted.

  5. I should also say its not only SO CAL where you find lots of Art around every corner but the whole State.

  6. oy...trying to catch up here!

    My favorite shots are the GG bridge and your house!

    Lynn, I know you caught a glimpse of your orange raven (which fell crooked) but you were well represented in my studio:)

    What a magical (but short) visit.

  7. Wow! Cool places and lovely art treat too!


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