Thursday, August 19, 2010

Terry Busse Shoned At The American Craft Counsil Show in SF and Grateful Thursday

Hard not to be Grateful for an artist friend who makes such delightful art, as the one and only
Terry Busse, seen here at the American Craft Council Show this past weekend in San Francisco. I love this San Francisco scene done by Terry in her unique style!
And this cat is another of her new works that is a favorite of mine! The short while I was there many people stopped to look, and smile and comment! It was a stupendous show with hundreds of marvelous artists and art from all over the country! ***************** What else am I grateful for? Waking up each morning with sun pouring in my window making wonderful shadows on the wall like these Good morning, Sunshine! And these dots from the blinds caressing a piece of art from Ms. Suki herself from which I made a little doll a long time ago
and this window and lamp reflection
I'm also grateful for the moon
I have gotten to see close up the past
few nights
with the telescope DH put together from several he gleaned at
thrift stores and garage sales until he created
one that worked!
He shows me all the crevices and lakes, the sea of tranquility
points out where Neil Armstrong stood
on his historic
moon landing.
excuse me now I hear him calling
going to see where
the Moon
Henry just ran out to see too!
Much excitement in our backyard
(Wednesday Night)
Grateful Thursday
I took these three pieces to the
local art gallery to hang
in the members show
this month and next!


  1. I would say that life is good!!
    Terry's work is awesome!

  2. I can see how Terry would be an inspiration to you. Great work. Life is indeed good for you. I hope you enjoyed star gazing. We like to do that too.

  3. I love this womans work. She has real folksy charm in her quilts. I hope she did well there.
    You crack me up with your shadow rendition on the wall. LOL
    Life is VERY GOOD for you. You certainly enjoy every little bit of it. Bravo..

  4. You will shine too! Love the pieces you picked. And of course, Terry's cat would be right at home in my house!

  5. lynn, what a fun post. this could be a thursday 13! i love how you captured shadows.

    and terry's work: i like what chris called it: folksy charm

    ps thanks for a great comment of your 13 on my 13 :)


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