Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Animal Wednesday and Finishing GD's Treasure Fabric Book

I know he looks angelic here, I thought so too, very sweet to find him on his dog friend sound asleep as I was putting wire on frames and dowels getting art ready to take to yet another members show at our local art gallery. ...but later on in the morning as I was putting the finishing touches on this fabric book Sir Henry got up on my sewing table and knocked off a tin of teeny tiny beads onto the floor (to get my attention maybe?)...fortunately with the swifter duster and a lot of patience I got them all picked up. Thanks Henry! The book is finished, all bound together and held together by this big yellow clip!
Notice turquoise button hole embroidery stitch around the outer edge. Here is the fabric paper lining of the front cover and the first pocket that says "coins" so I went to my wallet and emptied my change into the pocket.
2nd pocket says "coupons" so I dutifully clipped some that seemed pertinent to a teenage female college student.
Then I created and cut out these affirmations and more not pictured for her
"Positive Affirmations" pocket.
And put them in this pocket with the pink button.
And this is the the inside of the back cover...
I am in love with fabric paper. I want to make reams more!
It has so much potential!
and this is the back of the back cover.
And here you see it all bound together
using my rendition of the stab stitch.
I hope she likes it! (I must have forgotten to show one pocket as I remember sticking
a $20 bill in one of them! College students can always use a bit more
financial support!)


  1. Oh my gosh. I just love this. I know your Grandaughter will too. That paper is fantastic.

  2. totally charming and sweet. lucky granddaughter.

  3. I love your positive affirmations and subtle hint to call grandma! With your support how could she go wrong? She will succeed in all she sets out to do - a full life is ahead of her. I love kids going off to college, it's the start of a whole brand new life!

  4. That Henry. He looks angelic..:)
    Love the book you made Your GD. she will love it too especially when she finds the money.. LOL
    no really its sooo cute.

  5. Your shot of Henry is absolutely wonderful. One of those cat poses that makes me melt. As does your book for your granddaughter. I like how you hold the person for whom you're making an artwork in your heart and from there, all sorts of ideas spring forth.

  6. Lynn, thank you for doing an "Animal Wednesday" post... this week, between worrying about Mim and her MIl and Annie's "B", my heart just wasn't in it. But, on a positive note.....I JUST came in from a nice, long hike - because....GASP - the sun came out!
    It was even "warm"....68....

    Back to your post.....what a wonderful Gran you have the "magic touch" when you create...and I know your Granddaughter will be thrilled.
    (She will love the $20 too.)

    And.....Henry V.... what can I say...he is ADORABLE...and only spilt the beans (oops - beads)...because he needed a little more attention - spoilt cat that he is!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. What a fantastic book! If someone gave me that as a gift I would be thrilled. You could go into business - they would sell like hotcakes. And as usual, I love all the Henry stories. Today I was eating and the bowl was on my lap ... Jasper jumped up unexpectedly and almost landed in the bowl.

  8. Your granddaughter is so lucky to have such a sweet, talented and generous G-ma!!! This is just so amazingly wonderful! I love all the details, and special thought that went into it just for her!

  9. What a sweet, thoughtful Grandma you are Lynn! This is so creative and pretty - and you made it so quickly - can't believe it!

  10. Lisa, thanks, isn't that paper fun?
    Suki, ;-)
    Pak Art, Yes I was sneaky with that one! You saw!!!
    Cris, angelic, and $ impt!
    Hannah, I like how well you read me.
    Robin, glad this was a pickmeup for you.
    Elspeth, Jasper is so funny, just like Henry V. I'd love to sell these, but they are time consuming.
    What seemed like fast to
    Caroline, actually took two days!
    Julie, thanks, you are too kind!

  11. What a cute little book that is! Such gorgeous colors!

    Just scrolling through all I missed lately.
    I am so behind and tomorrow I must work, so I guess I won't catch up really.....

    Hope you are having a nice weekend in you beautiful new home ;)


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