Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun with Glue, Fabric, Paint, and Sewing Machine!

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday
This flower was captured by my camera this past weekend in front of our (DH and mine)
Ala-mater, Sonoma State University. DH needed a college banner for his classroom,
encouragement for kids to think about going to college. What I made so far today!
Oh I had fun today! My Monday off (twice a month!) I got busy playing with glue and water, tissue paper and muslin and made this fabric dried in the sun almost immediately allowing me to use it in a project right away... I found these directions in Cloth Paper Scissors (Jan/Feb 2009) called treasures fabric book by Belinda Spiwak..and got to work making one...
After making the fabric paper I got to dive into my fabric stash and pull up a medley of colors to sew on felt which I did here...
enough to make four little fold over pockets which I lined with the fabric paper. She only suggested this for the book covers, but I liked it over the inside felt of the pockets better too...
This little wooden fish button looked cute for a tie and I claimed this pouch for coins which I wrote on a fabric paper scrap cut out like a fish..
which matched the fish on the fabric on back of this pocket...
The next pocket is for coupons...
and the next for Positive Affirmations which I will write out on little cards to put inside the pocket...
I like that big blue button. I had fun finding my art supplies with out too much trouble. I still have the covers to make which will be lined with more fabric paper...and then figure out how to bind them one to the other like a book.
I think if it turns out well enough I will send it to my grand daughter who just arranged her dorm room at her college where she begins higher learning any day now.
(see segue from beginning thoughts of college!?)
;-) ENjoy this DAY!


  1. Oh WOW. What you do with fabric makes my heart pitter patter.

  2. These look fun and are really adorable!

  3. Magic always happens when you pull out the sewing machine. These are great.

  4. these are marvelous. glad you are back at work in your new surroundings all clean and tidy, well for a blink of an eye anyway.

  5. Oh boy, are these fun!!!! Love all the colors and swirls and ideas.


  6. Gorgeous!!! Love these. Sonoma State is lovely too! Will you show us the banner you make for hubbys classroom???

  7. What cute little pocket books. You see something and dive right in. Bravo. Lynn's Baaaaaaaaaaack..:))

  8. Oh I love these, they look like so much fun...

  9. I was excited as soon as I read the title of this post, what colours? these are all fantabulous. she will love them. and a fabric book? that sounds super duper. seems you are well settled again after all that house upheaval.

  10. Those little pockets are gorgeous! I love all the bright colors all put together. I also love the pic of the bright yellow flower - so luminous.


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